Wednesday, December 24, 2014



Ah I can't explain to you how awesome this week has been!! I feel that I have learned and grown so much in just the past 6 days I have been here. My P-days are Tuesdays so thats when I can email everyone!! But Christmas is in Two Days so that'll be great! we have a two hour long devotional with an Apostle. Some of the other Elders are saying that it will probably be Elder Oaks or Elder Holland. Either one would be awesome!! But So far everything is going well! I love my companion, Elder Whitmer. He's great and he's an early riser so I was definitely meant to be with him so I could learn to wake up early! haha

The food here honestly isn't that bad! I think it's pretty good. But I've gone from eating hardly any food at college to being able to eat as much as I want to! I'm afraid I'm gonna get fat.. Especially sitting in class all day I might get fat haha But Elder Whitmer likes to workout and stuff so we'll try to stay as fit as we can!

So far the French is coming along pretty well! I can say a prayer and a little bit of a testimony and some other random phrases but I'm surprised by how much I actually remembered! haha French is awesome and I can't wait to get over to France! Except I heard a native french person here speaking and it seems like a completely new language, but i'm excited for it! We've already taught 3 lessons to an investigator only in French; the first one was rough but they are slowly getting better!

So in my district there's Elder Whitmer from AZ, Elder Burri from Sandy, Elder Loosle from Highland, Soeur Nef from CA, Soeur Anderson from Denmark, Soeur Hurd from Virginia, and Soeur Christensen from Canada. All the sisters in there have taken french a lot longer than us so they get it a lot better than us haha. 

I'm super busy in the MTC but every second of it is awesome! I've been doing pretty well with my sleeping schedule! I haven't stayed up super late or waken up super late so that's nice! 

Send me letters family and friends! I get letters any day of the week but I can only check my emails on Tuesdays so I would love to hear from you! 

Joyeux Noël!!

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