Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Bonjour tout le monde!
So I'm training now.. It's pretty sick! It's going well. My comps name
is Elder Kahn (pronounced con) and he's from Saratoga springs. It's
been going really well so far!

Elder Kahn and I

I spent three days in Lyon which is always sick. I got to hang around
with all the other trainers for the most part and it was way fun.
We're all stuck in Lyon, so the zone leaders just kind of improvise
for stuff we can do. On Monday we just chilled in Lyon, cause it was
Pday. On Tuesday,  we contacted for like 4 hours.. It felt like 6 haha
we were way cold. But the mission buys the trainers dinner on Tuesday
night, so we got master tacos! Super good.

Wednesday we got our comps, and then went home.


Friday I had to go to Grenoble to do legality.. We met up with elder
Acheson and Loosle on Thursday night and slept in Grenoble for the
night. It was fun spending some time with the,! They're way far from
me so it's nice to see them. But now I'm legal again for another year!

Elder Kahn and his first French Mcdonalds, (he grows up so fast!)

So this week elder Kahn and I were walking swiftly to go buy him a bus
pass.. We wanted to buy it before the place closed, but we had like
ten minutes. We were going and on the road we saw this woman holding
her baby and pushing a stroller with a nightstand awkwardly fit onto
it, about to fall over. So we offered her some help! We walking a few
blocks with her to take the night stand. We got to know her a little
bit and when we dropped it off, we asked if she would be interested to
talk to us and she was! So we hope to see her this week. We didn't get
elder kahns bus pass that night, but we made a new friend! So it was
definitely worth it... It was a good lesson for us to never pass up an
opportunity to serve!

Elder Kahn and Delbert

I already love having the area to ourselves... Our week gets booked
super fast and it's way nice! Haha the members are upset there's only
two of us now, but they still support us. We have some member RDVs
this week, one of which they said they are inviting some friends! So
we're stoked.

But life is well up in Valence France 😎

Have a great week!

Elder Kahn Chillin

Monday, February 15, 2016


Hi friends and fam!

I don't have a lot of time today, I'm again in Lyon.. This will be
really short. Sorry!
So transfer calls came in and it was pretty crazy... So there's four
of us in Valence.

 We got our calls Friday morning; President started
by talking to Elder Stutz and Elder Hekking. He tells them that
they'll be staying together, but they will be whitewashing Bergerac...
So that was crazy! Bergerac is on the other side of the country haha
so they have a lot of trains to take. Elder Thangaraj is going to
Angouleme, and I'll be staying and training! The other companionship
is also being closed, so we'll be taking over everything in Valence!
I'm on my way to Lyon right now, and I'll be there for a couple days.
All the blues get in tomorrow, and then we will get them on Tuesday!

This last went well though. I was sick for the most of it. We went to
Lyon for Pday last Monday and we just saw some cool touristy stuff.

We found this cool new ami named Elizabeth. She really wants to speak
English with us but she seems interested in the church as well. We met
her on Wednesday, and fixed a rdv with her for an hour later at the
church.. And she showed up! She likes the chapel in valence a lot. We
were able to see her twice last week; she even gave us some ties as a
gift! We plan to see her again this week.. So we'll see how that goes!

But I'm super stoked to train. I'm upset Thangaraj is leaving me! He's a homie.

I get my blue on Wednesday! I'm super excited! He's probably
waking up in a few hours to go to the airport to get on the plane.
Haha pray for him!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Yo so this will probably be short. We spent all day in Lyon, so I
don't really have time left. But here we go!

We had this guy we were teaching named Bonté.. But then got his name
changed to Afinio... And we were walking to our appointment to meet up
with him, and we saw him on the road. We started talking to him and he
cut in; he was like "I chose my religion!" And we were like "oh
yeah??" And he was like "I'm now going to be Muslim. Tomorrow, I'm
going to pick up my son and take him to a mosque." We were just like
"quoi...????" (What...???). So we probably won't be seeing him again
soon haha

It's ironic cause this guy has a big ol' cross tattooed on his neck..
We'll try to pass him in a month and see how he is.

Our highlight of the week was probably seeing our homie, Prince
Success. (For the record, he is a prince, and technically king if he
returns to his country). We asked him to bring his crown and his royal
attire (I don't know what to call it). So that was pretty cool!
Prince Success

Also I'm not sure if I've completely explained Prince's story... I
won't go into depth, but he's here in France for political asylum,
because he was attacked by an anti-Christian tribe in his country.
They cut his neck and left him to bleed out. Somehow, he ended up at
the gate of a doctor, who then took care of him for the next nine
months. At some point I think he was in a coma. Then he came to France
for better medical care and political asylum. So he showed us his
Prince's Scar

It's pretty crazy that he survived that. God wanted to keep him
here! Probably so he could find the church :)

We're working on getting him to the temple! It's been hard trying to
find a member to take him.. He's got names and a recommend, so now we
just have to wait on the members..

We went porting (door-knocking) this week in this middle of nowhere
neighborhood in a middle of nowhere ville. We ended up finding a
castle in the neighborhood #ILoveFrance.
A small part of the castle we found

Well we're still trying to find people to teach.. We have quite a few
potentials, but we can't really seem to fix with them. We might have
to start taking some different, out-of-the-box styles of missionary
work. So we'll see how it goes. Pray for us!

I love you all!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Je Ne Sais Pas
Bonjour Family et Friends!
This week was good. I don't remember much of what happened, but it was 
still good.

So we came in contact with this investigator that was dropped in the
past. His name is Bonté. He's an interesting dude from French Guyane.
He has a lot of faith! But he's definitely interesting haha. We had a
good first rdv with him; he talked about how much he felt with the
missionaries in the past. He had truly felt the spirit! He said a lot
of other things that I didn't understand.. He was once shot in the
throat, and now he has this scar and his voice sounds pretty bad. So
it's way hard to understand him! But fortunately it's not me that will
be speaking to his heart. C'est l'esprit de Dieu!

We saw some our boys, the island boys! We saw Mesake and his buddy
Sieta from Tonga. We had a really good rdv with them! It's funny; with
those guys, we just stop by their house and they just let us in. They
always offer us food as well. But we got to know Sieta a little better
and it turns out that his wife is a member, and they have three kids!
His wife and kids live in Australia, while Sieta is here to play rugby
professionally. But he knows the missionaries pretty well and seems interested! 
 Some random friends on the street. Two of which are SDFs (hobos)

We also passed by one our homies, Keith. He's a member here in
valence, but he doesn't come to church very often. He also plays rugby
with the boys. But we had a good meets with him! His brother is
actually on a mission as well. We can feel the faith that Keith has,
we just need to give him a little push! He's way sick though.

We visited our friend Odile as well yesterday. I've talked about her a
bit; she's super smart and super nice! She likes having all four of us
over. we usually visit her on Sundays; she's really occupied during
the week with all of her studies. But we really appreciate her and how
nice she is!

We had zone conference this week. A portion of it was spent at a Roman
amphitheater in Lyon. It was built in 12 BC. So it was definitely one
of the oldest things I've been to! But it was way cool. I really like
President Brown!
Roman Theater

Latest goals have been faithful family finding. Our president has been encouraging us to try harder to find families;'they've always been our priority, but he's telling us to not let one family get by without a chance to hear the restored gospel. I really like President Brown and what he does. 

 Vegetables and fruit are more appealing to me. (I love Zucchini  hahaha) you probably think this is my comp writing this email haha.

But it's crazy to think tomorrow marks one year of being in France!! I left exactly a year ago to come to France.

Not much else happened though... We went to the dentist again, and
we're going again this week. Yayyy

I love you all! Have a great week!