Monday, August 31, 2015


Hola! So we got our calls, and I'm getting transferred. I'm going to
Lyon (big city life) and I'll be with Elder Hutchinson. If you send me
letters or packages, send it to the mission office:

Elder Jacob Steadman
France Lyon Mission
59 Rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon


Ok so here's what's interesting. I'm in Confluence (in Lyon) with
Elder Hutchinson. This is his last transfer. He and I are kind of
office elders, but better. We're known as the "Demolition Equipe." So
our job, as missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints, is to drive around the southern half of France and francophone
Switzerland, demolishing (more so closing) apartments that are no
longer in use. Haha we have a car. There have been a lot of apartments
closed, due to the fact that we're lowering the number of
missionaries. So I'm super excited! It'll be very interesting. We
won't be doing very much proselyting or contacting. But there are some
cool perks! We have a car. We can both drive, because he is European,
and I have been out less than a year. Because of the fact we aren't in
our vile most the time, we will be eating out a lot; it would be rude
to steal other elders food. So we have a "Gold Card" where we have a
certain amount of money each day we can spend on food (if we're
outside of Lyon). I asked someone, and they said that their usual
schedule is leave Monday night to go take down apartments and stuff,
then get back Saturday night. We go to church, we have P-Day, then we
start all over again. So I'm apologizing in advance, but we won't have
too many things to talk about, other than my adventure of going all
over the mission. I'm Stoked! President said that this shouldn't last
more than 4 or 5 weeks, so after that we'll be able to get back to the
real work.

For Elder Johnson, he's staying and finishing his mission in Albi.
He's receiving TWO companions, so Albi will be a trio. So he's excited
for that; they can now visit al, the single woman Amis and members in
Albi; he's glad to stay in Albi for his last transfer.


So I don't know if I said it in last weeks email, but our Amie
Elisabeth kind of dropped us. She's experiencing a lot of opposition
because of family members saying we're a cult and stuff. She's made
some good friends in the Branch already, so that's good. But for this
week, we just eased off for a bit, and I believe Elder Johnson will
try to contact her this next week.

Our Amie Brigitte got back from Marseille this week! We weren't able
to see her (still no car) but she came to church on Sunday. She said
that she really misses us visiting her weekly; she feels a difference
in her life when we're there. So hopefully the car will be fixed soon
and the Elders in Albi will go see her! Brigitte also bought souvenirs
for Elder Johnson and I. She gave us these nice cups from Marseille. I
don't have a picture of it right now, but it was super nice of her to
get it for us!


On Friday, we did an exchange with the Rodez Elders. The Rodez elders
are the other elders in our branch? We decided to blitz, which just
means all four of us were in Rodez. 

Rodez Elder Exchange
So I went with Elder Keller; he's been here for four transfers, but now he's also getting transferred.
We spent the afternoon passing members and amis so he could say
goodbye to them. It's fun because we're still working in our sector
with the members we know. That night we went to the Bermardi's for
dinner. Frere Bernardi is the Branch President. They fed us all sorts
of stuff. Frog legs! They were pretty good. I liked them! And then we
ate some kind of fish. I usually don't like fish, but it's starting to
grow on me! Swisher Bernardi has origins from Portugal, so she made us
a Portuguese dish that had fish, potatoes, and other stuff. She also
gave us jello!! Haha apparently they have jello in Portugal and it's
not uncommon to eat.  But it was super good! The Bernardi's also gave
me a gift because I'm leaving. They gave me this book that's recipes
for holidays! So there are a lot of traditional French stuff in there
so it's cool. It was super nice of them!


Last week we had a zone P-Day. Little did I know, it was my last P-Day
in Toulouse :( but it's alright! We had a good time. We went to the
"Toulouse Plage," (Plage means beach) which is just a park that is
next to the River. But they had a bunch of fun stuff to do. We played
sand volleyball and it was sick!

Our car is still broken. We drove it from this guys house that was
looking at it, and right as we pulled into our parking spot, all the
electricity died. So that's twice now! Haha we have a rdv this next
Tuesday in Albi to see if the problems are under guarantee.

Last Saturday the ZLs had a baptism in Toulouse, so we attended. It's
this cool African guy; I talked about him a bit in an email from last
week. But it all went really well! He bore his testimony after and he
really has a lot of faith and he's super happy all the time!

Joseph who got baptized in Toulouse with our ZL's.

Last night we went to pass this less-active member, Ambre. She fed us
and I said goodbye to her! I gave her like 10 packs of Kool-aid. She's
literally obsessed with Kool-aid hahah she loved it. She was super

Well that's all I can remember from this week... Unfortunately I don't
really have photos this week; I took them all on my camera but I don't
have a way at the moment to load them.. But I have a few!

Monday, August 24, 2015


Bonjour à tous! This week just flew by... And this next one is the
last week of the transfer. This transfer was super quick! But it was
quand même great!



So like I was saying, this is the last week of this transfer. We will
receive our transfer calls this Friday morning. Honestly we have no
idea what's going to happen to our team. It will be interesting.
There's a lot of likely options. Elder Johnson could stay and do a 5th
transfer here, and I could leave just after two. We figured that Elder
Johnson wouldn't do one transfer in a different ville for his last
one. But we never know! Or we could do a third transfer together, and
I could finish his mission out and stay here in Albi. We even think
it's possible that we will get a third companion for a trio; we have
talked to President about it and this is possible. If we got a third,
we would probably stay together and receive a new guy.

So we'll see and I'll let you know next week!


So last P-day, we went to Toulouse for our P-day. That makes the
4th time this transfer haha. We like to go to Toulouse for P-days!
There's a lot of stuff to do there. This last week we went to a museum
in Toulouse. Le Musée Des Augustins. There was a lot of art and
statues. I thought it was pretty cool. There was stuff from the 12th
century up to the 19th! But there were a lot of cool pieces. I believe
the museum used to be some sort of religious school!

Musuem stuff

After the museum, we found this sweet store that sells American stuff!
They literally had all the candy and stuff you could find in a gas
station. Haha and you don't come across that here very often! But it
was cool. I wanted to take a picture but that would've been weird of
me haha. So I just bought three American drinks!

After Pday ended, we started exchanges. I was in Toulouse with our
zone leader, Elder Duckworth. Elder Johnson went back to Albi with
Elder Hansen. Elder Duckworth and I had a rendez-vous with one of
their amis, Joseph. Joseph is the super smart, African student in
Toulouse. Apparently the weeks before, the zone leaders had rdvs with
him, but all he wanted to do was bible bash and try to find something
wrong. But after he had been reading the Book of Mormon in Moroni 6,
he decided on Sunday that he wants to be "numbered among the people of
Christ." So we had a rdv with him at the church; we played foosball
for a little and then talked about steps toward his baptism.

The next day, one of the Amis of the Chinese elders wanted to go to
lunch and she told the elders to invite people, so we came with them.
Haha I've eaten at three Chinese restaurants in the last month! This
one we ate at was probably my favorite of the three. They were all
different but super good. So we did that, then after we went to see
the zone leaders ami Joseph. Basically, we sat down with Joseph, and
talked to him about all the commandments in the church; law of
chastity, word of wisdom, everything! Haha. He agreed to all of them.
He said he's always had his own personal law of chastity, and he
doesn't smoke, drink, or anything. So this next Saturday will be
Joseph's baptism, and Elder Johnson and I will probably attend that!

After that, we met up with the other elders then we went back to Albi.


So here's a nice tender mercy of the week... The Sisters in
Montpellier called us and let us know that this new family from New
Zealand is moving to our sector. They live in Castres, which is about
an hour away from Albi. So we called them and talked to one of the
girls, and they sounded super cool! There's one brother, two sisters,
and one of the sisters husbands. I believe the parents still live in
New Zealand. So we were walking and contacting in centreville around
7PM. We had been contacting pretty much all day, and we hadn't eaten
dinner. Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of fruits come about that
day. But we were walking, and this guy runs up behind us and is like
"Hey Elders!" We turn around and it turns out to be the brother in
this family, Lehi. He got back from his mission in the Philippines a
couple months ago. But we start talking to him, and he invites us to
come to this restaurant with everyone else. So we get there and it's
all the family that moved in! They bought us burgers. It was super
sick! It was a good tender mercy; it's crazy how as members we can met
another member for 5 minutes but instantly connect. It was super cool
to meet the. And eat with them!

On Saturday we went to Eda's house to eat with her and two of her
friends. She always stuffs us haha and she always gives us food to
take home. After Eda's, we took a bus home and ate with Mimi. We
helped helped her prepare the food and eat with her. It's been a
couple weeks since we've had dinner appointments with people, so It
was nice doing that again :)

Zone Pday (those are gargoyles)

Our zone minus 4 elders


Our car is still broken.. But this week, a guy came out and took a
look at it. He changed the battery, which got the car to start up
again but there are still problems. So the other day, we drove the car
out to his house. He lives about 20 minutes outside of Albi. We had a
member follow us in their car so they could save us if we broke down,
and so they could also drive us back. But after lots of praying, we
made it to the ville. And this ville is incredible!! It's a super awesome
place. There's this big castle on a hill, and just a super pretty
place. When we go back to get the car, we will take some pictures.
It's a really cool place.

Our Amis are doing well. Brigitte has been in Marseille for the last
10 days so we haven't seen her. But we'll try to see her sometime this
week. Elisabeth has been doing well; she loves having us over and she
always looks forward to us coming over. Unfortunately, she has a 25
year old daughter that is kind of rude to her and she always tells her
to not let us come. She thinks we're a cult. Hahah French people
either think we're Jehovah's witnesses and a cult, or they just think
we're a cult. Haha but literally they usually know nothing about the
church or its teachings.

But all is well! Just pray for our Amis. That'd be sweet :)

Roamin Toulouse!

Well that's all for this week! I love you all! Have a good week!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Bonjour à tous! Cette semaine était super!! 

(Translation:  Hello everyone!  This week was great!!


So this week we had a multi-zone conference in Bordeaux with President
and Sœur Brown. Bordeaux is a really cool place; I didn't take a
chance to take pictures unfortunately. But it was a really good
conference! We have still been talking a lot about temples and what
they can do for us and our investigators. The thing that was really
emphasized was the commitments that we make with people. We started
talking about "Allez-vous"'s which means "will you." So we talked
about how to improve our commitments and how we are going to use them
with everyone that we work with. As missionaries, we are here to
invite, commit, and follow up so people can grow their faith. So right
now we're working on committing more and using the temple as the big
picture. At the conference they had some missionaries give some
testimonies that they had from the temple. There were some really
great things said! Sœur Brown also had us place a game practicing
these "Allez-vous" and it's like charades but we have to run back and
forth and yeah.. But we got to take off our socks and shoes so that
was really fun hahah!

 I saw a lot of people I know in Bordeaux. A
couple people from my mtc group!

Our zone (minus two elders) after the the game at conference (lol
look at the sisters tan lines on their feet

Zones with President Brown and his wife
So last Monday we had a miracle; Our ami Bridgette said she'll be in a
ville that's not too far from Albi. So we hopped on a bus and met her
out there! We had a lesson in a park. She was saying how she feels so
much better when we're seeing her frequently. We're trying to get our
car fixed so we can actually see her! So we're happy we got to see her
on Monday because she left on Wednesday to go to Marseilles for 10
days on vacation. So we were happy that we got to do that!

So I talked about our ami Elisabeth a little last week. The one that
came to church and felt something good. So this week we set up a rdv
with her and we decided to bring Eda, our recent convert to teach with
her. We were a little hesitant to teach with Eda because she likes
talking a lot. So for the lesson we had planned to just go in there
and talk about our roles and missionaries and then a little bit of the
restoration. Well we were completely right when we thought Eda would
talk a lot haha. It was our first lesson with her, and Eda straight up
told her to stop drinking tea and coffee! Haha it's not bad it was
just a little unexpected. But Elisabeth agreed it was bad and decided
that she would stop tea and coffee because that leads her to smoking
and other stuff. So in short, we went in to that first lesson to talk
about the restoration, but she ended up accepting the commitment to
not drink tea and coffee hahah! She also prayed, and it was very
sincere and heartfelt. Elisabeth is super prepared; we gave her a
little brochure of the restoration, and on the cover is a picture of
Jesus. She was like "Wow, I really like this picture. I don't like
when I go into a Catholic Church and see Jesus up on the cross. It's
not a happy image and it's not true because He was resurrected and He
lives!" After she said that Elder Johnson and I just looked at
eachother like "wow... She's good!" Haha and after we explained our
role as missionaries and our message, Elisabeth said "Ok well I guess
it's necessary that I should come to church every week." Hahah dang!
So many miracles with her. She had been reading in Alma in the Book of
Mormon already. She had been marking scriptures and writing her
questions down. Literally she is the most prepared person I have seen
so far on my mission! She's great. We have another rdv with her
tomorrow. We're stoked!

Here's a really nice miracle of the week: we were walking to the gare
to catch our train, and some guy stopped us and was like "hey do you
have a moment?" So we stopped and he was asking if we would be willing
to help him with English. He knew sister missionaries a really long
time ago, and saw us and figured we speak English. So it was cool
because he stopped us! We'll see him soon. He doesn't have a interest
in the Gospel, but it has to start somewhere! When I was back in
Avignon, we taught English class to a few people. The other elders
invited one of the women to church. She came for a few weeks, then I
got transferred. Turns out, about a month ago, this women got baptized
:) so it has to start somewhere!

This week I opened a Reese's peanut butter cup and there were five
cups on it. It made my day hahah.

Our car isn't fixed yet. But we asked around in the branch, and sure
enough, our recent convert Eda who spoils us, knows a guy! Haha so we
got in contact with this guy and he's coming out tomorrow to help us
out with the car. Haha we're so blessed!

Well that's our week! All is well up in here. 

Merci de me soutenir!
Vous êtes tous super! Je vous aime! Passez une bonne semaine!! 

(Translation: Thank you for supporting me!

You are all great! I love you! Have a good week !!) 

Mission Conference (I'm really blurry and jumping in the background lol)

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Nì hao! Haha ok I don't speak Chinese, but this week has been filled
with Chinese stuff. Unfortunately I don't have a lot to talk about
this week; Elder Johnson was a little sick, but we had a great miracle
at the end!

So this week in our mission we had district meetings. The whole
district meeting was focused on temples and how we can work it in.
Right now the use of temples is in beta for us, and we're a.. The
guinea pigs. We worked on talking about temples with people on the
street or on metros and having a conversation with them for only 2
minutes but still talk about temples. It was surprisingly hard because
we can't just toss temples at them. We worked on different subjects to
just lead up to it. But lately in my studies I've been putting about
20 or 30 minutes aside for just temples. It's super cool! We've made a
goal to somehow talk about the temple in every lesson we have. I know
that President Brown is inspired and that he's called of God! We have
a big conference in Bordeaux this week with president. So that will be
cool! We imagine he will give us some more solid ideas for sharing

So this week we did two exchanges with the Chinese elders. We had one
planned this week and another planned for next week, but we had some
complications so we did one exchange on Tuesday and the other on
Saturday. So the Chinese team is like a completely different mission!
Haha there are a lot of Chinese people in Toulouse, so that's why they
have a team there. They find a lot of success! In the team is Elder
Leon and Elder Zhu. Elder Leon was in the MTC with me for about a
month, but because he was in there learning Chinese, I didn't ever
meet him. He got in the mission 3 weeks before me. But now we know
each other, and we'll either finish the mission at the same time or
near each other! He's from Canada but he was born in Columbia. He
speaks really good French, perfect English, Spanish, and now he's 5
transfers in a Chinese team! And Elder Zhu is from China. He's the
first mainland Chinese missionary in France! He speaks pretty good
English with his funny Chinese accent. And he just got here 3 weeks
ago so he doesn't speak a lot of French. But he's a super funny guy
and always has a smile!

Elder Zhu and I on exchange.
Last Pday was Elder Johnsons birthday, and so he wanted to get some
Chinese food. We went to Toulouse before the exchange and has some
Chinese food with the zone leaders and the Chinese team. I really
enjoyed the meal. I got some egg rolls and this caramel chicken stuff.
It was good!  But we asked Elder Zhu after and he was like "that's not
Chinese food. I give it 2 out of 10" hahah

So the exchange was with Elder Zhu; he and I went back to Albi on
Tuesday. It was fun working with him! I think this was the first time
in the mission that I've gone in exchanges with someone younger than
me (in mission time). We did some contacting; Elder Zhu has a Chinese
accent went speaking French so it's funny to see how French people
react. He says a very pronounced "Bonjour" and he says it loudly with
a lot of energy. French people are pretty quiet, so some times it
startles them haha! But they really enjoy talking to him! We had a
really good exchange!

We did an exchange last Saturday with the Chinese elders because we
can't go with them tomorrow. So on Saturday all 4 of us went and
played basketball for a Samedi Sportif! (Saturday sports) the zone
leaders were there, 2 more elders, and a couple of Amis had come. It's
at this pretty cool spot. It was raining that day, but the courts are
under a bridge so we could still play. Super sick!

After that, I went on splits with Elder Leon. We did some contacting
in Toulouse centreville. It's interesting! As missionaries we search
for everyone, but as Chinese missionaries we look specifically for
Chinese people! So it kind of becomes a fun game where we're trying to
spot Chinese people out in the crowd. Haha it was fun! We'd start the
contact in French and eventually move to Chinese. But I of course felt
like a bleu again cause I didn't understand anything. Oh yeah,
greenies in France are called  bleus. But it was fun!

That night we met back up with the other elders, then we went and got
some Asian Hot Pot with one of their recent converts. So basically for
hot pot, there is a pot on the table with two different kinds of
"soups". The one was like a bone soup (I don't know what kind of
bones... Probably cow) and the other was a spicy soup. And it's like
boiling while you're eating, and there's a big list of stuff we can
order. It was à volonté which is you can have whatever you want. So we
got beef, chicken, tofu, shrimp, fish, and other random things that
I'm not sure what they were. And so you put that in for a mi ute and
then you pull it out (with chopsticks of course) and then put it in a
bowl of sauce that you made. Then eat it. It was really good :)

Asian Hot Pot

So the branch is doing well. We had a dope miracle! Elder Johnson met
this lady, Elisabeth, about 4 months ago when he was here with a
different elder. She said she wanted to see our church, but that never
happened, so about a week or two ago we texted her and she said she
would love to come see it but she can't get there by herself. So we
arranged for her to come with a member. She attended all of the church
meetings! After sacrament meeting, she was talking to a lady that's
not in our branch but she was visiting. Elisabeth was crying and
saying that she felt something really good. The member just said
"c'est l'amour de Dieu!" (It's the love of God!). She really enjoyed
it. We had our Amis/recent converts class and talked about free
agency. Elisabeth was picking it up so well! This was the first time
we taught her and she was really picking it up! She's super humble;
she's had a lot of harsh experiences in her life just with family and
all. She went to relief society after and seemed to enjoy that. Then
after church she was talking to elder Johnson, elder Keller, and Frere
Pascalin in the office. I wasn't in there with them, but they gave her
a blessing! We're super excited that she came. Yesterday she said that
she was hesitant to come, but she doesn't regret it at all. :)

We texted her that night to ask if we could come over sometime this
week and explain more of our message. And She was like "I would love
to hear more!! Let's do Tuesday at 2 or Thursday at 4" haha so we're
super stoked about her. We feel that she's definitely been prepared to
receive our message :)

Our recent convert, Eda has been in île de Maurice (her birth place,
it's near Madagascar). Her sister passed away a week or two ago, so
please keep her in your prayers! She returned this week so we hope
we'll see her even without the car. She's the best!

Our car Susan isn't fixed yet... We're having a lot of complications
due to the fact that French people hate working hahah. We can't get an
appointment until the 17th...

Capitole Square

But big shoutout to my family for sending me a nice package this week!
I love you all!

Thanks for all the support! I love you all and have a great week!

Monday, August 3, 2015


(note from the editor (mom) he has never had a piano lesson in his life haha, but can pick up playing by ear really well if he wants to learn a song, he probably should have had lessons)

Hello Fam and friends! Ok so for the subject line I decided I don't like counting transfers and weeks. I don't want a focus on the time; instead I will write nice alliterations of an event of the week. :)

So this week we had zone training. Our zone has changed a bit! So the whole focus of our meeting was on temples. President Roney had finished out his mission with a large focus on families and family history work (we call it project Elijah). Then President Brown has come into the mission, and he has had strong feelings to add the temple on to what President Roney left. So right now, the mission is working on immigrating Project Elijah and temples. We really want to have temples come up early in the process with our Amis! So this last week we've set some goals to include temples in a lot of the stuff that we do. Whether it's with our contacting, less actives, members, or Amis! So far it's gone okay. We're trying to figure out a good way to go about it. But we've had some good experiences with it. We have another meeting this week, so we are going to talk more about that! 
Zone training

So.. Because our car has been having issues, we haven't used it at all this week. At first we thought we would have a really hard time without it. Which is partially true because we haven't been able to see Bridgitte or other people that we would really like to. BUT because of this, we've been able to do more contacting. We were able to do a lot of finding this week! The highlight of all this finding was this really nice family of 5 (almost 6). They are a very Christian family! Haha the dads name is Moïse (Moses in English) and then one of the sons names is Messie, and the others was Abraham. But they were very open to let us come over another time! So we're excited to teach them. It's nice because about a week ago we were praying to find a nice family of 5. The Lord answered our prayers by giving us this opportunity to share the message of the restored gospel to an amazing family. We're pumped :)

Also we went to do some porting (door knocking) with a girl in the branch, Julia! She's really cool. She's planning on going on a mission, so we invited her to come do some porting with us. It went over pretty well; we met some really nice people! It's different when we have someone who is actually French. She really helped out in situations when we're trying to get our American minds to make sentences and stuff haha. But it was pretty fun! 
Porting with Julia
So I went on an exchange this week with Elder Pittsenbarger. I went back to Rodez with him! We had a pretty good exchange. The Rodez elders are in the branch, so we all know each other pretty well. Their apartment is pretty cool; it's right outside the bid cathedral in Rodez. But we had some nice RDVs. We met up with Patrick, the guy who got baptized about two weeks ago, his sister, and then Frère Pascalin (Patrick's really good friend who is the 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency). But Patrick is trying to share the gospel with his sister, so that's super cool of him! He's a super elect guy. He just has so much joy in the gospel and he really loves it! 
View from the Rodez Apartment
Later that night, we went to Frère Biargues house. Frère Biargues is an older guy that's probably in his 70s. He was baptized probably about a year ago. He's a super simple and humble man! We went over and he's been reading preach my gospel, so we just read with him and talked about it. Then after at we played some uno with him :)

So here is when I talk about my subject line alliteration. First off, the baptism of Mattias was last Saturday so we attended! Mattias is the son of the branch president. They did the baptism in their little village. It went really smoothly and there were quite a few nonmembers there! Some of the people from the village even came. 

Now I'm gonna rewind a little back to 1st transfer Elder Steadman! Back in my first transfer, I wanted to learn how to play one of my favorite hymns, Souviens-toi. It's a hymn that is only in French. So there were random moments where I was able to practice a little bit; I got "good enough" to play the right hand just with memory. So here I was 4 transfers later. The opening song of the Baptismal service was Souviens-toi.  The piano player had not arrived yet but we were starting anyway. The branch president, who was conducting, asked if someone could play piano. Jokingly I said to the member right next to me that I can play this song with my right hand. There was a member just in front of us that heard me, so she called out that I could play. The branch president was like "okay come up!" Haha so I went up and squeezed out four verses of this song on the piano. But again, I don't play piano haha. I was praying like the whole time I was up there. But I got through it and Elder Johnson said it was good! 

Our car (Susan) is still having issues. We started it this morning to see if we could take it to the garage, but then it slowly just started shutting down and all the electricity stopped. We think there are problems with the alternator. So we're still working on getting that fixed! We'll see.. For now we'll still be doing contacting and stuff. 

Today is Elder Johnson's 21st birthday! We're in Toulouse for the day. We're going to go do a birthday lunch with the Chinese speaking team and the zone leaders. We're probably going to go eat sushi or Chinese food! The tonight I'm going back to Albi with Elder Zhu. He's the first mainland chinese missionary to serve in our mission! He just got here like two weeks ago. So I'll go on exchange with him and that will be fun! 
We found a Butcher that sales horse meat.
But I'm thankful for this opportunity to serve here in France. Thanks for all the support! I love you all!! 
Elder Steadman