Monday, October 24, 2016


Transfer day
So first of all, I'm being transferred again. Honestly it was probably the biggest curve ball yet in my whole mission. But I'll be returning back to Toulon for the last six weeks of my mission! Except this time I'm opening a new equipe... so the companionship that is already there will have all the amis and less actives, and I can't necessarily show up and just take them back. So we're just gonna go hard for six weeks and see how much we can do. I'll be with a Tahitian missionary named Elder Tehahe, and I guess he's like 6'7. 

Monday we went to entrecote and then just walked around in ville after and didn't do too much. In the evening we saw our friend Jimmy. It's been about a month since we've seen him but he's doing okay. He hasn't read the Book of Mormon at all but he said he'll read some of it.. so we'll see! After wards we went contacting and met three Chinese people! 

Tuesday we planned a little bit for English class so that we can have more of an organized class.. haha then we went to see one of Chinese friends we met from last week, named Ling! He asked if he could bring a friend so he did. We went to the institute and just played some ping pong and pool to kind of warm up to them. With our Chinese friends, we don't go straight into God and the gospel because they don't know much about it yet, so we just create a solid friendship and slowly introduce them to it. It was really fun! We went to a boulangerie afterward and one of our Chinese homies (Yue) bought us some drinks. It was nice talking to them; we talked about God and they were like "yeah maybe he does exist.. I'm not sure" so it's perfect for us to testify to them! 

After that one we had another rdv with another Chinese friend! We went to the chapel and played ping pong and started warming up to him. He's a super nice guy! His name is Junjie. He doesn't have many beliefs but he was asking us some really questions! He's a very sincere guy and he was just like "I just want to be a good person and so good things" haha so we had a lot of fun with him as well. 

Wednesday we went out to Angouleme to do a baptismal interview for the elders out there. (One of the elders being elder Sorensen from draper!) Their Ami is a French woman and she is super prepared. Apparently she had a dream where she got baptized and ever since she had a huge desire to do it! I let elder Hall do the baptismal interview because he hasn't done one yet. It went well and she got baptized over the weekend! Unfortunately we weren't able to go because it's quite a bit away..  

Thursday we went and visited the Geney family. It's an older couple in the ward at has a bunch of children that are all active and some are married and have a few kids. We had lunch with them and it was great. Their son benjamin took us home (it was like 30 minutes outside of Bordeaux). Benjamin is about 28 years old and he's pretty. He served a mission in geneva and so we connected well on a lot of mission stuff. He took us to a store before going home and bought us Reese's! Hahah we had no idea that there were Reese's there. So that was nice of him! We also had English class that evening and that went well. There was about 10 people there.

Friday we received our calls in the morning.. honestly I wasn't super stoked to be leaving again. But it's not my will, and in the end I'm sure I'll be grateful for it. But we had a nice lunch with some members in our ward and the sisters! They took us to a nice bistro and told us to get whatever we want.. so of course we took something with meat. Elder hall and I shared an Entrecote (steak) for two people. Dang it was good!! These members were a,so way chill. One is named Adam who served in Provo utah mission a couple years ago, the other was his girlfriend who served in the states George mission, and the other is Yohann who is just a super chill gendarmerie (kind of like national guard).

Later that evening, one of the sisters Chinese amis invited all of us over for Chinese food at her home. So we went and it was super fun and good! Some of the best Chinese food I've had.. and it was even home made!

Saturday we played sports in the morning. In the afternoon we went to a baptism for the elders in the Lormont ward. It went well. All eight missionaries that were there sang a song.. so that was my first time ever singing in front of people.. I just didn't sing loudly hahah. That evening we went to an American diner as kind of a last meal thing before transfers. It was pretty good! We also saw Jordan that night and said goodbye cause he couldn't come on Sunday 

Sunday was church with lots of goodbyes. I have a lot of people in this ward that are super chill and I'm good friends with, so it was rough saying goodbye. But  I know I'll see them again in the future! We had to run around a bit because some missionaries were getting moved on Sunday. So we just had to go help them out at the gare and stuff. Again, it was more goodbyes. These ones are getting more difficult just cause I'm near the end of my mission and I probably won't see them before I go home. 

Anyways, I'm on my train right now writing this email and I'll be in Toulon tonight. I'm excited to pick up where I left off and go hard for my last six weeks. I'm excited to do my best to be a fourth floor last door missionary that continues until the end. 

I love you all! Have a great week!

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