Monday, April 13, 2015


So the mission life keeps moving along! I feel like time is flying here. I'm almost 4 months out...

But this last week has been pretty good. Besançon is starting to warm up a lot! We've been wearing long sleeves and sometimes we're too hot in that haha. But Besançon is pretty cool when it gets nice outside; a lot of people go sit on the grass that's right next to the Doubs river. They are also having a lot of random events; last Saturday there were a ton of people in centre ville because there's this sale thing that goes on like every few months. There were a bunch of homies that brought drums and a bunch of n'importe quoi going on. haha

But last Tuesday I went to Dijon for some splits. Dijon is a pretty cool place! We just did some work in that area. Dijon is pretty close to Besançon; Dijon has the very furthest north sector of our mission. We always joke about how we're gonna fall asleep on a train and wake up in Paris because that's the stop right after Dijon!

Last Wednesday night we went to Switzerland for zone conference the next day!

We had zone conference in Yverdon. President Roney and his wife were there; they both talked to us so that was pretty good! We also did interviews with the president; its practically everyones last interview with him, so that was pretty cool. He took more time than usual with everyone! 

Last week we decided to start calling up some of the amis from older missionaries, and we were able to get in contact with one then start teaching again! He's a pretty cool dude from Haiti. He already knows a lot so that was nice, and he loves talking about God. We're planning to see him again this afternoon!

Then Fast Sundays in a ward with about 25 Active members are interesting. Surprisingly again, there weren't any moments of silence!

But everything is going well! Our mission has a conference next week on the 25th. All 250ish missionaries will be in Lyon. Its pretty confirmed that we're getting iPads next week. The change from paper to iPads will be weird haha

I love you all! have a great week!

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