Monday, April 13, 2015

Conference was pretty amazing, huh?

Conference is always like that though haha. But fortunately, I have been able to watch all but 1 session in English! We made it all work out though so that was awesome! Conference is pretty tight!

But this week has been interesting but still special.
Our cute Easter Pictures!

One thing of news is that we finally found an apartment for the missionary couple coming to Besançon, so they should be in like next week! 

We went to a small ville called Pontarlier last week, and we had a RDV with our baptism engagé. Turns out, he brought his friend along. We were planning to talk to him about some things that someone brand new to learning about would have no idea whats going on. But after 15 minutes of talking and eating some chips, Elder Price somehow made it perfect so that he was talking to our Baptism engagé about these later lesson subjects, while I was talking to his friend about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration! His friend is about 20 and from the Congo, he told us that its nice to talk to people in France about his age about God; he feels that most people our age just want to party and stuff. He then told us he's moving to Besançon soon. so we definitely got his number and stuff! Flippin sweet miracle. I literally see a miracle every day. God is always there.

We did a lot of less active visits last week; we stopped by this guy that hasn't been to church in a while. So far the weirdest RDV I have had haha; He wasn't sober and there was just a lot going on and it was super confusing. But we hope he felt the spirit! We'll probably return this week.

This week rained literally everyday. We met a lady last Tuesday, and she talked to us about how during the Easter week, it always rains. But then Sunday, BOOM it was shining and the sun was bright. That's some pretty cool symbolism!! 

This Easter season was super special for me. I have had so many miracles, but right now not enough time to explain them in depth or how I want to. But I want to end this saying that God is there. Jesus Christ is there. They will never leave us. Even after years of being in darkness, you can always find the light back to safety. And because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that light will always be there.

I love you all. Have a great week!
Elder Steadman

And a big thanks goes out to the Horrocks family for taking a package all the way to France for me!

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