Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Craziness in Cannes!

Ok my week wasn't actually that crazy, it was pretty chill, but still

crazy at the same time!

Also we got out transfer calls! I'm staying in Lyon, and receiving
Elder Acheson!! Elder Acheson was my best bud in the MTC, so I'm super
stoked to serve with him. President Brown said we would still have
some stuff to do around the mission, but we'll be proselyting a lot
more, so I'm excited!

So Cannes is this nice beach ville on the Côte D'Azur. 

It's pretty close to Nice. This week we were closing an apartment that is no
longer in use. But some of you may know that Cannes had a major storm
last week and about 20 people died. It's super sad! Hutch and I saw
the aftermath of it. There are two elders and two sisters down in
Cannes, so thankfully they're okay! Hutch and I saw the aftermath of
it all, so I'll attach pictures of it.

But Cannes was a super nice
place; it's a lot like California to me. There was a big convention
down there, so there were a lot of English and Americans! Cannes is
famous for the film festival they do every year. They have super nice
beaches too! They also have a steak and shake in Cannes, so hutch and
I stopped they're to get some burgers and shakes.
It was super good!

We stopped in Grenoble on our way home as a pit stop on the road, and
cause I left my church clothes there from a week ago. We had a nice
tender mercy in Grenoble; we were gonna stay the night in Grenoble,
and that night we got a call from one of the office elders. They asked
if we would be able to take a bunk bed and two mattresses to Valence
in the morning. Turns out, we had decided to take a bunk bed and two
mattresses from the Cannes apartment, so we already had a bunk bed and
two mattresses in our apartment! And valence is only about an hour
away fro, Grenoble, so that was super cool! The coincidence was crazy;
it may seem super simple and kind of stupid, but it was God's hand in
our life that day! Haha

Last night after church, we had a missionary fireside. Members and
Amis were invited, and so was every single missionary in Lyon! We
heard from a couple recent converts, a couple members, and also
president Brown! It was a really spiritual meeting. I loved it!
President Brown is really an awesome guy. He spoke directly to all the
investigators, and you could just feel his love!

On Saturday, hutch and I just got home for the week, and we were
eating some lunch.. All of a sudden, we heard a bunch of commotion
outside. We looked out our window, and there were a bunch of
motorcyclists on the road. They were driving down the big road in
front of our apartment. There was a straight flow of motorcyclists for
about 12 minutes hahah there was easily over a thousand of them that
went past. We have no idea what was going on, but it was entertaining
to see.

Today, I dropped hutch off at the mission office, and I was able to
see a lot of my mission friends who are finishing! I'll pick up
Acheson at the gare later today, and we might be heading out to Geneva
tomorrow. We'll see :)

In this equipe, we don't feel like normal missionaries all the time,
but that's totally fine, because I know that God has called me to do
what I need to do at this moment. I love doing this! I know God lives
and that Christ is our savior. They love us all equally :) if you
haven't felt his love, try Him, ask him. If you have felt his love,
share it with someone who is in need of it :)

FHE with the Elders from the Lyon Confluence War
I love you all! Have a great week!

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