Monday, October 5, 2015

Dang Conference Was So Good!

 I hope you all enjoyed it :)

This week we spent a lot of time in Valence and Grenoble. Both places
are Villes that are about an hour outside of Lyon and an hour apart.
Because Valence isn't too far from Lyon and they had some good
condition stuff, we were mostly making trips back and forth from
Valence to Lyon so we could put stuff in the storage. We were also
taking stuff to Grenoble, so we made trips there too! Grenoble is a
super ville; it's a big university ville and its right up in the
mountains! There are a lot of ski resorts in the mountains Grenoble.
It's a super sick place!

One of my mission homies is in Grenoble! Elder Sorenson, who graduated
from Alta I'm 2012, is training in Grenoble. He was my zone leader a
couple transfers ago, so it was pretty fun seeing him again!

Also, the Albi elders had to drive to Grenoble (probably 4 hours away)
and had to stay there for two days because one of them has to do their
legality there; so I was able to see elder Johnson so that was cool!

Grenoble Elders, Albi Elders, and us!
We spent our conference weekend in Grenoble, it was easier for us to
stay there with everything. But it was super good! We got some snacks
and we were able to watch all sessions in English, except for the
Sunday afternoon. But we'll probably take some time to watch it this
week. I really enjoyed it though! I got some super good notes so I'm
happy! One of my favorite talks was from President Eyring when he
talked about how Christ adds his blessings and magnifies our calling
when we put in a valid effort.

Grenoble (there are better mountains I just didn't get a picture)
As you know, as we get to close apartments we can take stuff from them
that the elders don't take. This week I aquired a Didgeridoo and
cactus. I don't have pictures at the moment, but I'll send it next

We get transfer calls this week! It's sounding like I'm staying in
this equipe after Hutch goes home. I'm pretty positive about staying
in this equipe because one of the office elders basically told me I'll
be moving apartments in and out Geneva.. So I'm stoked!

I'm grateful for this church, I really enjoyed this general
conference! I know Thomas S Monson is our prophet and I know that he
is a special witness of Christ :)

Conference with Grenoble Elders

I love you all! Have a good week!

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