Monday, November 2, 2015



Happy November and Halloween! This week was pretty cool. Turns out,
some people in France (and Suisse) do celebrate Halloween!


So we still have our ami (investigator, translates to friend)! Again
his name is Gabriel. He's a super cool dude! Like honestly, he's just
like one of our friends that we hang out with, but also teach! So it's
been really fun.

Last Monday night, we invited Gabriel to the institute to play some
ping pong with us. There were some other missionaries there and it
just kind of turned into a ping pong tournament haha. Gabriel
destroyed us in ping pong however! Haha he owned everyone.

Ping pong tournament

Tuesday night, we went to dinner with Gabriel. We went to our favorite
place, Master Tacos! We didn't really have a chance to teach him that
night, but it's still good spending time with him! He said that he
just needs some good influences in his life. So we're there to help
him out!

We saw Gabriel on Thursday! We wanted to find out about all the stuff
that Gabriel had learned with the missionaries in the past. So
honestly, we just went over baptismal interview questions with him!
Haha we went through all of them, and he recognized all the stuff we
talked about. There were things we need to retouch, but he basically
told us that he stopped doing all the bad stuff and feels that he has
repented! So that's super sick. We have set his date for the 21stvof
November, so we've got about 3 weeks to make sure he's ready! There's
a possibility we might even take him to presidents house and teach him
there.. We'll see!

Saturday, the sister training leaders put on a little Halloween party
for all the young adults in the Lyon wards. There's 4 wards, and so
there's was a bunch of people! All the missionaries were there, and
lots of members and non members. We got to the party about an hour
late, because we were getting home from Geneva, but we showed up, and
unfortunately, Gabriel wasn't there.. We hoped he would show up, cause
he, Acheson and I were gonna have sick costumes!

But to our surprise... He showed up! He showed up like right at the
very end, and he even brought two of his friends! Haha so we were
super stoked to see him. We even had the same dope costumes haha! We
said we were men in black. Here's a photo! We were lookin

Men in Black (that's our boy Gabriel in the middle)

Gabriel came to church on Sunday! He enjoyed it. He speaks super good
French! And fortunately, we had our investigator class in English
because the majority of the Amis spoke English. But it was a good day
at church! Between all three missionary equipes in our ward, I think
we had 11 total Amis at church! So that was super cool!
Also, there was an activity at the institute for the young adults. So
Gabriel came and he even brought a friend! Gabriel was saying "you
need to preach to this guy, he's a believer!" Haha Gabriel is on top
of his game. We're seeing him tonight so I'm stoked!

Other than that stuff, we were moving stuff in St etienne and Geneva.
In st etienne, the sisters apartment building caught on fire! The
entire hallway and stairway of the building was completely black, but
the sisters apartment was perfectly fine. It happened about a week
ago. No one was injured, but there were some apartments that had fire
damage. It was scary walking into the building! It felt like a haunted
house. Im sure dad knows the feeling Haha. I'll send some pictures!
We were still moving some stuff in Geneva. There are just furniture
and other rand junk left in apartments, so we've been taking old stuff
to the dump and stuff like that. Nothing too crazy, but it's still
fun! I enjoy Swizterland a lot.

Beautiful Drives!


This week were gonna eat at the sweeneys; they are the couple in the
office and our ward. We're going to bring Gabriel over with us and all
eat together. So that should be super fun!
I'm super grateful for the ward I'm in! The confluence ward is
amazing. They work super hard and they are great with incoming
friends! I'm thankful to be here at this time. I know God lives and
loves me! And I know none of my efforts will be wasted :)

I love you all! Have a great week!

We're going shopping today

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