Monday, December 21, 2015


Wow I don't even remember this week. Haha time is flying! We're
already on week five. This transfer is flying by.
This is gonna be shorter than usual. We're going to Lyon today for themission conference. We're going up early to hang out in Lyon! I'mgonna try to see my homie Gabriel today so I'm pretty excited.
But let's see what I did this week..

We had district meeting this week! Our district is super cool. We're adistrict of all elders. And we're a pretty young district. There are 3blues and one that just barely finished his training. But we had agood district meeting and enjoyed some crêpes after!

Companionship Ornaments!

Well look at that. It's been a year that I've been on my mission. I'vebeen losing track of time, and now this next year will probably feeleven faster. I'm soooooo happy I still have an entire year. This placeis amazing and I love it.

That night we had dinner with the family Tuilevuka. The Fijian rugbyplayer and his American wife! She made us meatballs and we hadcinnamon rolls. The Tuilevuka family is super! They hook us up.We're going to their Christmas party, which is gonna be a feast with abunch of rugby players. So it should be pretty great!
On Saturday we had lunch with the family Thia and then we wentcaroling in their neighborhood. The Thia Mother is American, and soall their kids speak French and English! They have a son who's 17, ason on a mission, and another son that got home this last year andwill be married in April. So it was super fun doing that with them!We're going to their house for Christmas evening. And then that nightwe had dinner with sister Gibert. She's a single sister in our wardthat's super faithful! She feeds us once a week so that's super niceof her.

This last Monday we learned that one of our brethren in Valence passedaway. His name was Brother Alain Kaiser. When we found that out, wewere all pretty shocked because we saw him at church the day beforeand he was perfectly fine. So we attended his funeral services onFriday morning. It went well even though I don't like funerals.
But I'm very thankful for Brother Kaiser. I didn't know him very well,but I'm thankful for the short time I did know him. On my first Sundayin valence, brother Kaiser came up to my comp and I when we arrivedand was like "hey do you wanna come eat lunch after church with us?"So for me, he was a welcoming hand in this wonderful ward.
I'm thankful for his friendliness and his example. Life is precious;let's not forget these great gifts that God has given us. God hasgiven us so much to be thankful for. What can we do to give back? Wemust simply keep his commandments to show our love for him. We mustpray to him and read our scriptures. A member of he quorum of theseventy once came and talked about blessings we can receive. He said"If we don't have faith to receive these blessings, try Him. Try Him."
With that, I wish you all a merry Christmas. I love you all so much.I'm thankful for Christ and for his birth. It's a beautiful season outhere in France to be celebrating the birth of Christ!

Joyeux Noel!

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