Monday, December 7, 2015

Vibin' in Valence

Hello all the world! (Literal French translation for hello everyone)

This week was pretty cool. We've been doing a lot of finding. It's
tedious but it's worth it! So we'll start with last monday.

So last Monday was Elder Thangaraj's birthday. We wanted to do
something fun. As I was looking at a map of our sector the week
before, I noticed "Ferme aux crocodile," which means crocodile farm.
So I was like "Yeahhhhh" and Thangaraj was like "yeahhhhhh" and the
other elders were like "yeahhhhh!"

So we went with a member, Sophie, to this crocodile farm. It was about
an hour away, but totally worth it haha! There were snakes, turtles,
crocodiles, and even an albino crocodile. So that was pretty cool.
That picture I sent last week was the eye of an albino crocodile!

After we went to "Palais des bonbons" which is Palace of Candy! There
is like a museum, but we decided to just go to the store with all the
candy. We bought some good stuff, and then just headed home!

I'd say it was a birthday well spent for Elder Thangaraj! I'll post
some photos from that day.

Tuesday was an interesting day. I don't really remember what we did,
but i remember we had one hour to do some contacting before we needed
to be in. So we took advantage of the hour! It was probably one of the
most successful nights of contacting I've had hahah. We taught I think
four lessons, met a bunch of people and got numbers of people. It was
kinda embarrassing because we gave away all our copies of the Book of
Mormon and we wanted to give one to this one guy but we were all out.
So we'll try to see him and give him one! We met this lady that's
probably in her 50s. She said she really wants to spend Christmas with
someone; she's had Christmas alone for the last few years cause she
has no parents or children. So we might try to plan something special
for her!

So on Wednesday we went to pass this one referral we got from our
rugby playing member. We passed by and met these two guys named Tunai
and Mesake! They're young and super cool. We just got to know them and
had a pretty good rdv with them. They both grew up in Christian
families and they're super religious!

We passed again on Saturday, and there was a third guy named Peni.
Peni has a lot of faith and he knows the bible super well! We talked
to them about the restoration and they said they will pray about the
Book of Mormon! So we will try to pass them this week.

So here in Valence there's this recent convert names Prince Success.
Yes, he is an actual prince of a Nigerian tribe! Hahah pretty crazy.
He got baptized a couple months ago, and now he's working to go to the
temple in Suisse! So we're stoked for him. He's excited to take his
family names to the temple so they can be baptized. He was telling us
that when he is governor of his tribe, he will give land to the church
so they can build a church on it for his tribe. So that'd be pretty
tight! Hahah but he's hopefully going to the temple this week or the
next one.
Odile, Susan, Us, and Prince

Chiffy fed us dinner last Tuesday night. The moving equipe (my last
one) came down to give us some stuff.  (I've been taking advantage of
that equipe because I know how it all works haha). But they came down
and we had a ribs and root beer night with Chiffy! The ribs were good.
And the rootbeer was good.

Yesterday, all four of us went to Sophie's house for dinner with Lise,
a recent convert, and Susan, a Spanish member. We are dinner and
played games! It was great. Sophie also brought one of our Amis to
church, Odile! So she helped us out big time with that.

We had zone training this week. And we played white elephant during
lunch. they told us to wrap something up from our apartment and give
it as a gift. So, all four of us got creative with it. Long story
short, we had a broken toilet seat, so we all signed our names on it,
wrapped it up, and one of the sisters got it. It was super funny!

This week I'll be going back to Lyon for an exchange with the zone
leaders. Today we might go to the Chocolate factory. We'll see.

Thanks for all that you do! Love you all!!

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