Monday, April 11, 2016

Delbert Likes Orangina

Hello everyone!

This is going to be the shortest email I've sent.. Je m'en excuse
Pday got cut a little short; we're going to the bishops house to have
dinner with his family. It will be really great cause we never get to
see them! They live pretty far away, so it's difficult to have us come
visit them.
We were able to see some good stuff this week. I went on exchange
twice, once in Lyon once in valence. They were super effective. While
I was in Lyon, elder Kahn and the other guy engaged a new person to
baptism. It's this guy that we picked up a while ago, but he finally
decided he wants to be baptized, so that was way cool.
We also pulled some weeds for three hours this week.
We also got a new investigator named Franck, and he's wayyyyyyyy sick!
We're seeing him again this Saturday. Pray for us:)

The work has really been moving faster! Well it's been moving fast for our mission.  I talk to some missionaries in like Mexico and the Philippines, and they're teaching like 40 lessons a week. 
It's an accomplishment in our mission to even 
teach 20 lessons, but this week only 2 teams actually did that. Haha so it's 
a very different mission. the ward is going well. 
I had this funny idea this last week with Elder Kahn: for my final week in Valence (I'm almost positive I'll be transferred. 
Transfers are on May 9th), I want to get 7 mangezvous (dinner appointments) 
during the week. So one a day -  I think that'd be pretty cool! We're also trying
 to get a baptism on May 7th. We're really hoping to get it, but the hard thing 
is that people won't come to church... So that's pretty frustrating! 

But it is warming up! But then in cools down.. 
Haha the weather is very on and off. But today is pretty nice. 

Sorry, I don't have time to give details of anything, but for now,
here's a picture of Delbert drinking his Orangina during sacrament meeting.

Delbert is my favorite.

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