Monday, April 25, 2016


So I lied the other week... This will definitely be the shortest email
I've send... Sorry!

We had a few dinner appointments with members.. One of which was just
with Seta, the Fijian. His wife and kids are in the states for the
moment, so we just chilled with him for the evening. He made us dinner
and we watched 17 miracles. And then a less active and one of their
friends show up! It turned out to be a really good night. And plus the
dinner was great!

I was in Grenoble for two days for exchanges, and that went really well.

We also had zone conference, and that was great. There were four zones
total, so it was almost half of our mission. It was very focused on
receiving personal revelation for ourselves and how we can better
ourselves to help our Amis get to the waters of baptism.

We were also able to see Aurelie yesterday are church and that went
really well. She met some members and we were able to teach her with
one. So it went really well!

But the mission is going well. We receive transfer calls next week so
we'll see what happens. I'll most likely leave this area. But ive
really enjoyed the last 5.5 months out in this area. It's a wonderful
ward and the work is moving forward!

I love you all, have a great weak!

Delbert is going to Corsica on vacation next week, so might not see
him if I leave. I love Delbert

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