Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Final 12 Weeks - Transfer 15

Hey everyone!

We got transfer calls and I'm getting Elder Hall. I know him pretty
well already and I'm excited to be with him.

Last Monday We Spent Pday in Bordeaux. We went to eat at a brasserie
and it was pretty good. After we just went shopping for a little bit
in Bordeaux and ate some ice cream. We just chilled and walked around
Bordeaux. That evening we went to family home evening with our ami
Jordan. It was a super fun night! There was a spiritual thought, a
game and some food. There were two American dudes from California. One
of them is a member and the other was his friend. They're college
students from Santa Barbra. Haha they're super chill dudes and it was
fun talking to them.


On Tuesday We played ping pong and taught Jordan in the morning with
Frere Cadeau. The lesson was going pretty long, so we stopped and ate
lunch while Jordan and Frere Cadeau kept talking. They talked about a
lot of stuff and it seems to have been pretty cool. After that we went
out and contacted for a while and taught a few lessons. We also
visited Emmanuel and that went well. We passed the Picard family and
talked to them briefly!

On Wednesday We met again with Jordan in the morning. We invited him
to be baptized but he said not for the moment. Afterwards we went to
Arcachon to do some work. It was all tourists and we didn't really
have much happen. We ported and nothing happened, but it was still a
really cool ville to go to. Probably one of the prettiest Villes I've
seen so far. After that we came home and went to institute with Jordan
and that went really well.

On Thursday We contacted for a little bit until we realized that
Barben didn't have his badge. We went and bought some Champomy
(martinelli's in France) and took it to Frere and soeur Cadeau for
their wedding anniversary. They were pretty stoked about it about it.
After we went home, got his badge, and then went to the Dorat. We
passed some people including this guy named Stephane. It was an
interesting lesson but it went well.

Frere and Soeur Cadeau

On Friday We saw Jordan in the morning and then had an exchange with
the Lormont elders. I was with elder Duncan. He's a pretty tranquille
dude and we had a good exchange. We went to go pass a member and got
lost in some woods, but we still made it to the members home. We went
to visit the family Coppens, but we had no idea who they were. Only
Frere Coppens was home but he's super cool. He let us come in for a
little bit and their house is way nice. There is a castle across the
street from them. He gave us some juice and we just talked for about
an hour. It was a really good moment with him! He then showed us some
new houses that aren't too far from him and said that we could go port
them. We didn't have anything special happen, but it was still nice to
see him help us.

Saturday We had samedi sport in the morning. Our ami Jordan came and
we shot some hoops and played a little game. Afterwards we went and
got tacos with Emmanuel, Benjamin, the sisters, and Arnaud. We went
home and Elder Barben packed. We went and contacted for a little bit
after, and then that evening we went and had dinner with Michel,
Helena and the Eysines Elders. It was a pretty good dinner even though
there were some seafood stuff.

Sunday we had church and then we sent off elder Barben to go to
Montpellier for the night! I spent the rest of my night with two other
elders that had their companions going home. They had to leave on
Sunday because it takes like 9 hours by train to get to Lyon..
Random castle In a neighborhood

Well that's all for this week. It's crazy that I'm in my final
12'weeks of the mission! I hope to make them the best!

Love you all!

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