Monday, September 26, 2016


Hello everyone!

I don't remember too much of this week.. I was sick for most of it. 

Last Monday  we had a short Pday and then went out to Lyon for mission leadership conference. We had master tacos that night so that's always wonderful. We had MLC on Tuesday and that was pretty good. Last time was kind of a chastisement, this one wasn't that much of one hahah it was very spiritual and really good. 
Plane to MLC
Wednesday we had a bunch of preparation and errands to do for zone training on Thursday. In the evening we were able to go to institute with Jordan. Institute went really well and it was super interesting! Our Ami Jordan enjoyed it as well. 

The next day was zone training and we had a lot of fun and learned good stuff. I kind of prefer presenting to a larger group of people rather than a few people because there's more participation and ideas. We did IKEA meatballs for lunch and that went really well.. because who doesn't love ikea meatballs? After zone training finished we cleaned and stuff. I wasn't feeling super good, so I laid down on the floor in the library of the church and took a small nap... haha I woke up feeling somewhat better. But that evening we met with Jordan and Frere Cadeau and we continued talking about temples. We asked Jordan if he would like to go to the temple some day and he said of course! So we're trying to work to get him to accept a baptismal date so that he can do that and go to the temple afterwards. 
our zone

Friday we had a crepe night and that was fun with amis and members (and the crêpes of course)! Jordan came and enjoyed it. 

Saturday we had samedi sportif and weekly planning. I didn't bash heads with anyone this time ;)

Sunday was church and these two American guys came. They're teaching at the university for the week. The one is a member and the other isn't. We translated for them and stuff for all three hours of church. The nonmember isn't super interested but he still enjoyed church and all. Afterwards they were like "hey can we take you out to l'entrecote sometime this week?" (L'entrecote is a French steak restaurant chain.. I've never been but apparently it's  really good.) so they're takin us to dinner tonight.. I'm pretty stoked! 

We also had two pretty cool miracles on Sunday... we had nothing planned in the afternoon so we planned two lessons. One at 3:00 pm and one at 5:30pm. Exactly at 3:00 pm we taught two guys from Africa and fixed another rdv, and exactly at 5:30pm we met a girl on the street, taught her and we're going to try to see her this week! Miracles happen if you just try God. :)
Random Vineyard while out contacting (how many other missionaries get to say they're working in the Vineyard?!)

Love you all, have a great week!

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