Monday, November 14, 2016


Bonjour tout le monde!

These weeks seem like they're taking quite a while, but then I realize I only have three weeks left... I don't even really realize that I'll be home so soon. It doesn't seem real to me at all. Haha but the work is still going! 

Last Monday we just went into ville and looked in random stores. I also bought a few things for after the mission. In the evening we went to Elder Tehahe's sister's home for family home evening. This time it was just us two and four Tahitian women. We had a really good spiritual thought that was shared between us and elder Tehahe's sister. And plus the food was great as always and I ate a lot! (I've probably gained weight this transfer just because of all the Tahitian eating)
Giant pain au chocolat And croissant

Tuesday was just a bunch of apartment finding stuff.. I'm kind of getting annoyed by it now just because people aren't super reliable following up, so I always have to be the one following them up (talking specifically about people in the apartment agencies). My parents would be proud of me though; I've never had to get an apartment on my own in the states, but here I am doing it in a different language and in a different country! 

Wednesday we saw Amerga who is a less active. He's doing well and we hope he'll come to church one of these weeks.. he wasn't there yesterday but maybe this week. We also saw our friend Jacques.. he took us to a bird park near his apartment and we talked a bit. 

Thursday was zone training. It was my last zone training of the mission! This next week we have zone conference, which will also be my last interview with president before the going home interview. For lunch we had kebabs (another thing that I'll really miss). After zone training, we had a big exchange with Vitrolles Elders And Marseille Elders. They're not in our district, but they stayed in Toulon for the evening, because if they went back to Marseilles they would've been there after their curfew of 6:00PM. My comp and I went in a trio with Elder Loosle (my roommate in the spring!) and went to do some work. First we visited a single woman named Helene and gave her a blessing. After we visited a member named Sylvain. We then went and visited our Brazilian homie Gabriel and his parents. We shared our lesson with them and then we brought Gabriel with us to eat at Burger King with the other 5 Elders. Elder Thangaraj was also there so it was chill chilling with my homie.

Friday we did some more apartment stuff.. but afterward we went to pass a member to see how she's doing and it turn out that she's not doing super well.. so we called the other équipe of elders to come over for us to give her a blessing. It was s very spiritual moment for us and this member. 

Saturday we went and had lunch with one our amis named Henri.. he invited to come eat with him.. now my parents and family aren't going to believe this one.. but for lunch we went to a seafood place. It was a first for me for a lot of things and i actually enjoyed it. I ate mussels, salmon, stuffed octopus, and swordfish! I wouldn't say that in the future I would choose that over a steak, but I actually liked it! I'm glad I got to do it because while being in a Mediterranean Sea city, it's somewhat obligatory to do that. So we finally did :) 
Seafood lunch

Crème Brûlée 

After that we went to Henri's home for a lesson... it lasted a lot longer than I wish it would have, but he just had so many questions. We gave him a Book of Mormon to read and he said he would do it. 

That same night we were walking home with the other elders and we saw a couch and arm chair on the side of the road.. and so we sat down on it. It was right by a stoplight and so people at the stoplight were smiling and laughing when they saw us just sitting there... so we ended up sitting there for a half hour during our dinner hour just waving to people. Haha it was really random and dumb but people liked it! We got some funny reactions and some photos taken of us. 

Sunday was a pretty normal Sunday, other than the fact we had 11 investigators at church between our équipe and the other elders équipe! It was incredible.  It's probably the most I've seen my whole mission in one single ward.

My comp also somewhat passed out in the late afternoon.. he was in the kitchen and he blacked out and fell and hit his head on the cabinet door on the ground. He busted it open a bit. We didn't even hear him fall but Elder Laney found him laying on the ground with his eyes open but he wasn't responding. He came back to his senses and says he doesn't remember falling. He said he started to blackout but he has no recollection of falling. We called the mission nurse and she suggested resting and drinking water. It really scared us for a moment but he's doing fine now :)

Well that's about all. I love you all! Have a great week!

Love three-weeks-left Elder Steadman

(As you can see I'm taking advantage of all the food I can) 

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