Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Two Weeks Left and Not Trunky

Bonjour tout le monde!

Okay sometimes I can be a little trunky.. I mean come on, I get to see my family! Haha 

Last Monday we went and had some pastries in the morning (some giant pastries and hot chocolate). The rest of the day we just chilled and went to the chapel. Not really many things happened, nothing too eventful. Except for some shredded paper fight.. but there's no use going into detail on that :)

Tuesday we went to IKEA (my favorite store) to buy some stuff for apartment. After we did an exchange with the other équipe in my apartment because both our comps were sick. I went with elder Laney. We went and had a rdv with one of their amis named Azam. Azam is from India, but he comes from a French speaking part of India. Haha apparently France had some colonies in India and there are parts of it that speak french! So that's pretty cool. We also had missionary coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. During that day I probably looked at some apartments (its become everyday now.. we're trying to get this done)

Wednesday I legit can't remember what happened.. 

Thursday not much happened other than some appointment with a plumber. (He was late and so we were waiting for him forever) He came and fixed one of the many problems in our apartment. Let's just say that the shower wasn't able to used for a good part of the week.. haha no more comments on that.

 For the evening we went to the Patous' for dinner. They got us some pizza and we had a good evening with them! If you don't remember them, these are the investigators that have a baptismal date for next year because they have a really complicated situation. But they're super cool! They talked to us about their testimony of keeping the sabbath day. Ever since they had a certain experience, they've stopped working on Sunday and they always come to church. 

Friday we had an exchange with the elders in Gap. I took elder pistole and we quickly took a look at some apartment stuff, and I FOUND THE PERFECT APARTMENT! 
For me it was a straight miracle because it met all of my criteria perfectly and it's what we need. So I talked to the woman on the phone and we'll hopefully have it by next week. 

Afterwards we helped out the zone leaders with preparing for food on Saturday for the zone conference We were helping cook this giant ham. In the evening we had a missionary movie night at our ward and we showed "On the Lords errand." There were some amis that showed up so that was good. 

We also had interviews with president brown that same night. They got to Toulon around 7 and we had our interviews in the middle of the missionary movie night. It was an interesting interview because it was like a preparatory interview for my last one, we just talked about the last two years and how much of a journey it has been. I also talked to him about the apartment situation because I've been a little bugged by how much of our time it's eating up, but he reassured me that it's okay because the Lord will his part. I'm very grateful for President Brown, as well as Sister Brown. 

Saturday was the conference, and it was a zone conference not like any other on my mission.. we had like the actually conference for about an hour, then Elder Loosle, Elder Richmond, and  I all gave our departing testimonies. At the conference there was also Elder Kahn and à Elder Thangaraj, two of my former companions that I trained! It was special but it also seemed kind of weird. A lot of missionaries get up there for the departing testimony and talk about how they never thought this day would come. I felt the same way but I didn't say that of course because that's way too cliché and I tried to keep mine original :) 

We had a super good holiday lunch, a white elephant game, and a small ping pong tournament haha. It was a pretty good conference, especially being my last one! 

Sunday we had church.  Between the two companionship's, we had 10 investigators at church! President brown, sister brown, and the assistants all stayed for church and that was cool. President and Sister Brown were asked to speak during sacrament meeting, and I know the ward really liked what they said! President brings just such a powerful spirit to everyone. The ward swarms them. 

This week is thanksgiving, and next week is my last week on the mission. Pray for the people that need to hear our message :)

And happy thanksgiving!! 

Love Elder Steadman 

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