Monday, March 30, 2015

This Week was INSANE!

Monday night, we left on a train to go to Lyon because the next day was a big meeting for the leaders in the mission (my comp is the DL). That night we ate at this place called Master Tacos. Its this super popular place in Lyon, its popular with the missionaries, and the workers there know the missionaries pretty well. But to be honest, its better than Cafe Rio. Hahah

But Elder Price and I stayed at another equipes apartment that night in Lyon. Elder Sorenson (DL in a Lyon Area) and Elder Mauss. Elder Sorenson went to Alta and graduated in 2012; we talked for a bit and knew a lot of the same people. I don't think I ever knew him in high school but he's a bro.

I went on splits with Elder Mauss the next day. He and I are both district monkeys so we went and did some work in Lyon. Elder Mauss is super funny; he and I had a good time together! At one point in the day we met up with more district monkeys/Lyon Elders and did some contacting in this big square place. I actually went on splits there with Elder Loosle; he and I came in at the same time, so we're two little 2nd transfer Bleus trying to speak french. He and I actually got quite a few conversations and even gave like a 20 minute lesson on the street! It was pretty cool. The gift of tongues is real. We returned back to Besançon that night by train!

Wednesday, we did splits in Besançon with the ZLs. Both our ZLs are from England, and they're pretty sick dudes. We met up with this guy in a small ville called Pontarlier; he wanted to take us to his friends office. His friend is actually a Pastor of an Evangelic church haha! They asked us what we teach so we gave them a pamphlet. It seemed to be pretty well received, but it was interesting with the Pastor haha. 

Then Wednesday night, we went to Switzerland.

There was District/zone meeting on Thursday and our entire zone is practically in Suisse! So we stayed in Yverdon for the night at the ZLs apartment. 

The next day we had zone and district meeting and that was super cool; we have some big plans for this transfer. But in the Zone, there are 6 Americans, 2 Englishmen, 3 Tahitians, 1 Austrian, 1 Hungarian, and 1 French guy. You can only serve is Suisse if: 1. you're not American 2. if you have a suisse/European parent that can qualify for citizenship. So for me, its pretty lucky that I got to be there! Even though I slept on the floor for 3 nights, it was totally worth it.

We stayed the night in Yverdon, then the next morning we went to Bienne (Still Switzerland) to do a zone finding day! In simple terms, we had a bunch of splits and teams with all 14 missionaries in this one Ville. Bienne is the only ville that's shared in our mission; its like 50 percent German speaking and 50 percent French speaking. But We all worked super hard that day; we had set goals and we were able to accomplish all of them! One of them was to teach 15 lessons and we ended up with 21 :) the purpose of it was to build zone unity; it really worked. :) There were Numerous miracles that day!! 

We found out in church yesterday that we will be able to watch general conference in French; the priesthood session and the Saturday afternoon session. Elder Price and I are gonna talk to our branch president to arrange for it in English.

Have a great week everyone! I love you all!!

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