Sunday, May 24, 2015


Bonjour ma famille et mes amis!

This week has been pretty well. Last Monday we went and balled again. Actually, we got approval from our zone leaders to do "basketball contacting." haha honestly we've met a lot of people through just playing ball! so we might do that like once a week. 

Last Tuesday we went to Pontarlier. After getting some McDo for lunch, we went porting before our RDV. The First door we knocked, he let us in! We didn't even have to try hard. We got in and said we're here to share our message and talk about about families and family history. Then he's like, wait a second. He steps in the other room, then comes back with these two large books. It was him and his wife's family history from 1650 to about 2007 haha this guy was on top of it! We taught him about the Book of Mormon. He's a practicing Catholic (that's not common in France anymore) and he was a really nice guy. He even gave us some orange juice :)

Wednesday, our whole zone came to Besançon to all work together! It was a super fun day. We met a lot of people and gave out a bunch of BoMs! Half of us went to a members house and sang to her and her kids. I love our zone unity! 

Last Friday we had a RDV with a very catholic guy and a protestant pastor. We gave them Book of Mormons! i was afraid it would turn into a bible bashing session, but it went super well! they loved it. they said that the vision that Joseph Smith had is very possible. They want to meet some of the members in our ward. So that was super cool!

Saturday, we went to a members house. they live in an outer ville. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from it. We worked on their house; we painted and stuff. But they live in a super beautiful area! and they fed us. We ate some cow tongue! hahah

Church yesterday was branch conference. tons of stake people were there. Our church attendance doubled because of that, but after church, everyone brought some food and it was super fun! We made some American cookies haha! 

Have a great week everyone! I love you all!

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