Monday, May 4, 2015


Hey family and friends!

Last Monday it rained all day, so Elder Price and I just took it easy. But then Tuesday was cool! The Spackmans helped us out with these two coordonnées that live in a middle of nowhere place in our sector. haha our sector is literally over 100 Kilometers. but the places out there were super pretty! a lot of country side. We also were able to find the two coordonnées and fix a return with one of them.

We went  to Pontarlier last week which is where one of our engagées live! We also did some porting (door knocking). but our friend out there told us he is going to try to move to another small ville in our sector! He said that he would be able to come to church more if he was there, so that's super exciting! We're hoping to have his baptism sometime in the next month. 

Friday. Premier Mai or the first of May. its the work holiday in France. and everything shuts down haha. of the 94 bus and tram lines in Besançon, only 4 of them were running. and the 4 that were running weren't very useful for us haha but everyone gets the day off that day! Usually people do protests and stuff  in Centreville but it was raining so everyone stayed in.  In the morning, one of our RDVs we had scheduled called and cancelled on us, but then we got a call from the Spackmans and they asked if we wanted to have lunch with them! It was a nice miracle! They made us Croque Monsieur. it was super good and super nice of them!

Last Saturday we went to Lausanne in Switzerland. We had to take 3 trains and a bus to get there; there were a lot of problems with trains and I think one got derailed. But on our way over, we met an Italian guy that offered to buy us a couple beers at our next stop, but we said we have to go, so he gave us his phone number and address so we can come back for a couple beers on the house? haha and on another train a super drunk college student that was trying to get us have some of his vodka because we had Jesus on our badges.I was offered more alcohol in 3 hours than my entire semester at college haha.

We got there, and we were told to meet at a certain spot at 8:30 at night. But we got there at like 7. So we ate some McDonalds, and then went to the Lausanne Olympique Parc close to the Gare! Apparently Lausanne is like the Olympique Capitale. 

Sunday was Stake Conference!
President and Sister Roney were there and they spoke. They both spoke in French. It really sounded like a farewell talk haha they have less than two months left! Also, Elder Homer spoke. I think he's an Area Seventy or something like that. He spoke in English, but there was a translator that would translate everything. Also, the Bern Switzerland Temple President and his wife were there! So that was super cool. They spoke too! The Suisse Stakes are pretty cool.

But that's about all this week! I love you!

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