Sunday, May 31, 2015


Wow these last few days have been crazy but we finally found some time to email! 

So lets see...

Last week we had dinner with a Chilean Family. They are super nice and cook really well! We had a pretty cool miracle that day; we were walking back to our apartment for lunch and some random guy came from behind us and was like "hey you're the elders! I met with the sisters a while back and I'm friends with the branch president. Lets meet up sometime and we can talk about your church." Pretty sweet miracle for us! He already has a member friend so that's nice.

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the ZLs. Elder Eady and Elder Price, both of them are from England. When you have two English lads as your zone leaders, things get pretty funny with them. Elder Eady and I drove to Pontarlier. They have a car so that was nice. But we met with our engagé and also met some people on the road. We met a girl and she said she wants to listen to our message and she'll make us beignets. I've never had them before, but i guess they are super good.

(Sidenote: the internet café I'm in right now is playing the Jimmy Hendrix edition of the US national anthem. America!)

Last Friday we started our English class. We had the Spackmans, and two nonmembers there! So it went pretty well. We're going to try to do that every week; its a pretty good way of meeting people.

Saturday, we went and played basketball in the morning with a couple of the young men in the ward. We also had our first lesson with a member's 9 year old son. It went super well! He understands a lot already. With his situation he hasn't been to church his entire life. But he understands it pretty well and enjoys it!

Sunday was cool! We had two amis come to church, and then this guy that knew the sisters a while ago came back to church and wants to meet up with us (not the guy that i talked about earlier). But it was a surprise for us to see some of them there, so it was great!

Monday we went to Lausanne in Suisse. We got there at about 5; we ate McDonalds  but then had no idea where to go because the guys we were staying with were in a RDV until 9. but we found this giant chess set, So the 4 of us played haha. (Elder Price and I won)

Tuesday we had zone training and received our iPads! Its cool to have them. One of the rules for the ipads is that we can read emails any day of the week but we can only respond on Mondays. So if you want to be the coolest person ever and you have 5 minutes of time on a Thursday, feel free to send me something short haha :

Wednesday we went to Dijon for exchanges; the zone leaders were there too. But we all did a service for a member. She has this big cherry tree in her backyard so we all got to pick it. We were up in the tree for about 2 hours, then we ate lunch, then got back up for about another 3. It was actually super fun! Eating the cherries after picking them from the tree is super good, and she gave each of us a small jar of cherries to take :) 

Well that's what has been going on lately. and we have a lot of busy days coming up! Transfer calls are next week. Toss in guesses if I'm staying or going haha I love you all! Have a great week!

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