Thursday, July 23, 2015


Hi fam and friends! That makes 7 months out this week. Today I'm in Toulouse helping out with transfers.


This was the last week of transfers. I felt pretty good about this
week. We had a lot of visits with members. We received our calls on
Friday morning... And Elder Johnson and I are staying the same in
Albi!! I'm pretty stoked about that. It's nice that we just start out
the transfer already going. We don't have to worry about changing or
getting anyone use to a new ville. So we're excited! It will be
interesting to see what will happen at the end of this transfer; this
is Elder Johnson's 2nd to last transfer. So we don't know if he will
do a fifth transfer in Albi and I will leave, or if he'll do one
transfer in another ville. But it's too far to speculate, so we'll
just not worry about it haha


So the Rodez elders had a baptism for their ami, Patrick! His baptism
was last Saturday in Toulouse. The rodez elders are In a different
ville from us (about an hour away) but they are a part of the Albi
branch. So we've helped out with teaching Patrick and stuff! He's a
super nice guy, about mid 50s and he's from Martinique. I'm not sure
if we call that place something different In English... But his
baptism went really well. I got to give a talk at it about the Holy
Ghost! Patrick is super humble and he said he was super happy that
day. He bore his testimony and it was really powerful!
Patricks Baptism


So like I said, we did a lot of member visits this week. Last Tuesday
was Bastille Day, so there was a lot of partying going on. We had
dinner with our branch president and his family. They live in a small
ville near rodez. So from Albi that's like an hour and a half. But
around them is a ton of farm animals and stuff. But it was a pretty
good way to spend Bastille day! Then we stayed the night in Rodez.
There are a bunch of fireworks on Bastille day, but they started at
like 10:30. We didn't see them but we definitely heard them!
Me and the Crew

On Wednesday we visited the family Yonnet. They're super cool! The
father actually did an exchange student thing when he was in high
school, so he went to Bingham high school for a year. We shared a
spiritual though with them and then ate some food with them! They're a
super cool family though!


Bridgitte is doing well. She's still trying to stop smoking, but she's
making progress. She's more conscious of it, so that's good! We'll
probably see her tonight. But we're planning to have a fast for her
with our branch!

We have this family that we see once every two weeks. They're two
young parents and they have two really young kids. They fed us and we
had a really good lesson with them. They're super awesome! We're
trying to see them more often but they're super busy with work and
their kids. She just had a baby girl a few months ago. Their son also
threw up at dinner hahah.
Shooting a bow and arrow at the Branch Presidents house

We went to Toulouse last Pday (again) to do some soldes shopping. We
just paid for the gas. Soldes is super sick! It's like Black Friday
but it lasts for a month. Everything goes on sale, and throughout the
month it just gets cheaper. I bought some cool ties for 5€ each.
Random peacock on a roof

We had district meeting this week! Our district is 6 elders total.
None of us changed this transfer though. We're all staying the same!

But we're super excited for this next transfer! Thank you for all that
you do to support me! Love you all! Have a great week!!

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