Monday, July 27, 2015

Bonjour! This week went really well, despite all our difficulties!


So transfers happened this last week and Elder Johnson and I stayed
together so that's fun! Except they changed the districts around and
Elder Johnson is now district leader! Which makes me the district
monkey hahah being district monkey is pretty fun. I'll get to do a lot
more exchanges this transfer. Before our district was just three
villes that are smaller and outside Toulouse, but now we have two
teams from Toulouse in our district! So that way I'll get to go do
some more exchanges in Toulouse. So that'll be tight!


Bridgitte is doing well! She's a super solid ami. Once she can stop
smoking she'll be perfect! It's the only thing that's holding her
back... But she's making progress and she really has a desire to stop!
So that's what we like! We are having a really hard time seeing her
lately just because of stuff that's going on. Unfortunately it's on
our side of things but we can't really do anything to change it.

But other than that, we're still searching for Amis. We found this
really nice neighborhood and we've met a lot of people already! We
have one lady that we will definitely return to, we just need someone
to come teach with us so we can go in the house. But Elder Johnson and
I are getting better and giving lessons on the street! We're really
trying to work on getting new Amis!


We had a branch activity on Saturday! We went to the lake. It's not as
fun as missionaries haha cause it's a pretty nice lake and all you
want to is jump in cause it's like 90 degrees! But oh well. Haha they
had this handball tournament on the beach at the lake and there were
just a lot of drunk people. It was a pretty fun day though! I got a
sunburn cause I didn't put any on... Oops.

In Saturday I found out that I was volunteered to give a talk the next
day. So Sunday morning I took an hour and wrote out my talk. And then
at church we had the most people I've seen while being here (42) but I
think it went pretty well. There were a bunch of visitors! And here in
Albi, people always bring food to eat after church, so that's super
nice. Patrick, the guy that got baptized last week, made this super
cool cake! It took him like 3 hours to prepare.

We had a rdv with this guy that lives in Castres (about an hour away).
He's playing rugby here in France and he's from New Zealand. He's a
super cool guy! He's a member but he just doesn't come to church
often. He fed us a really good meal and it was the first rdv in a
while that's been in English!


Our car (Susan) starting having some problems in Friday.. We were
planning to drive to Rodez on Friday night, but right when we got on
the freeway, the power steering started going out haha so that worried
us. We're trying to get in contact with a mechanic right now. So we
temporarily don't have a car.. Which makes things difficult cause
everything we do is outside of Albi.

Please pray for our Branch Missionary Leader, Brother millet! He's
having some health issues. He can't accompany us to our rdvs for quite
a bit, which leaves us with no one in Albi to teach with. Frere Millet
is a super great guy! He helps us out a lot! I'd appreciate the

Sorry, I feel like it's a little shorter this week. But I love you
all! Have a good week!

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