Monday, July 6, 2015

New President, Exchanges, Birthday and Kool Aid!

Hello fam and friends!

So I'm sick of writing my emails chronologically, so I'm copying Elder
Johnson and just writing stuff with headings.


We got our new mission president this last week. We haven't met him
yet, but we will this Thursday. But we've heard from other
missionaries on the other side of the mission. President Brown
arrived, had one day to settle in, and now he's touring the country to
every zone so he can meet everyone. All of this will be done in about
two weeks. Then transfers are the 20th, and he'll have about two days
to figure out what 200 missionaries are doing, with 24 missionaries
finishing there mission at the end. Isn't that a nice way to welcome
in the new president! Haha he'll be fine though. With the power of
God, it will be easily possible :) I can't wait to meet him though!


I went on an exchange with Elder Dunn this week. He's from Santa
Barbara, California. He's been out for almost a year. But we had a
good exchange! He's a funny guy. He went to BYU for a semester! It was
pretty fun; we saw our ami Bridgitte and we shared a talk with her.
It's called like "The force to endure" or something like that... But
it went well! She enjoyed it. Elder Dunn likes to drive fast cars and
stuff. It was  his first time on the mission to be in a car for a
day. So he enjoyed it, but don't worry mom. We didn't do anything
stupid :)

Yesterday, the Rodez elders stayed in Albi after church because
they're coming to Toulouse with us today. So we did a mini exchange in
the evening. It was super hot haha we were both sweating, but it was
good! I went porting (door knocking) with Elder Pittsenbarger. He's
from Las Vegas. Porting is pretty fun because we talk to a lot of
people, but then we talk between the houses. So it's a good way to get
to know someone and have a good conversation. We were in a really nice
neighborhood, but we met some cool people!


Our main ami right now is Bridgitte. She's doing super well! She's
been having a lot of opposition lately, but this last week she has
noticed that everything is starting to improve. She's down to two
months until her baptism, so we really need to do everything we can to
make sure she's ready! We showed her the video "On the Lords Errand"
and she enjoyed it. She really likes the idea of modern day prophets.
We all need prophets so we can have continual revelation. Please pray
for Bridgitte so she can surmount her difficulties :)


My birthday was this last Friday. Thanks for the package and presents
family! :)

but we worked in the afternoon and did some
contacting. Then we drove to Toulouse to do a mini exchange with the
Zone Leaders, Elder Sorenson and Elder Duckworth! It was elder
Duckworths birthday on the 2nd, so we all celebrated together. We went
to this place called La Florida at Capitole Square in Toulouse. It was
super good! It was my first time eating at a legit French restaurant
like that. It was fun though :)


We met with a less active member Ambre. I got a small pack of KoolAid
in my 4th of July package, and Elder Johnson told me that Ambre is in
love with KoolAid. So I brought her some and she about freaked out!
Haha I'm now her temporary favorite missionary! She's really great!
She said she'll give me a birthday dinner this week. So I'm super
excited for that! 

I hope you all had a July 4th and that the mountain didn't catch on
fire this year! We didn't do too much. We just ate some melon and I
played the national anthem on my recorder haha. But it was still

Have a good week! I love you all! Thank you for all the support and
Birthday wishes!

Elder Steadman

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