Monday, August 24, 2015


Bonjour à tous! This week just flew by... And this next one is the
last week of the transfer. This transfer was super quick! But it was
quand même great!



So like I was saying, this is the last week of this transfer. We will
receive our transfer calls this Friday morning. Honestly we have no
idea what's going to happen to our team. It will be interesting.
There's a lot of likely options. Elder Johnson could stay and do a 5th
transfer here, and I could leave just after two. We figured that Elder
Johnson wouldn't do one transfer in a different ville for his last
one. But we never know! Or we could do a third transfer together, and
I could finish his mission out and stay here in Albi. We even think
it's possible that we will get a third companion for a trio; we have
talked to President about it and this is possible. If we got a third,
we would probably stay together and receive a new guy.

So we'll see and I'll let you know next week!


So last P-day, we went to Toulouse for our P-day. That makes the
4th time this transfer haha. We like to go to Toulouse for P-days!
There's a lot of stuff to do there. This last week we went to a museum
in Toulouse. Le Musée Des Augustins. There was a lot of art and
statues. I thought it was pretty cool. There was stuff from the 12th
century up to the 19th! But there were a lot of cool pieces. I believe
the museum used to be some sort of religious school!

Musuem stuff

After the museum, we found this sweet store that sells American stuff!
They literally had all the candy and stuff you could find in a gas
station. Haha and you don't come across that here very often! But it
was cool. I wanted to take a picture but that would've been weird of
me haha. So I just bought three American drinks!

After Pday ended, we started exchanges. I was in Toulouse with our
zone leader, Elder Duckworth. Elder Johnson went back to Albi with
Elder Hansen. Elder Duckworth and I had a rendez-vous with one of
their amis, Joseph. Joseph is the super smart, African student in
Toulouse. Apparently the weeks before, the zone leaders had rdvs with
him, but all he wanted to do was bible bash and try to find something
wrong. But after he had been reading the Book of Mormon in Moroni 6,
he decided on Sunday that he wants to be "numbered among the people of
Christ." So we had a rdv with him at the church; we played foosball
for a little and then talked about steps toward his baptism.

The next day, one of the Amis of the Chinese elders wanted to go to
lunch and she told the elders to invite people, so we came with them.
Haha I've eaten at three Chinese restaurants in the last month! This
one we ate at was probably my favorite of the three. They were all
different but super good. So we did that, then after we went to see
the zone leaders ami Joseph. Basically, we sat down with Joseph, and
talked to him about all the commandments in the church; law of
chastity, word of wisdom, everything! Haha. He agreed to all of them.
He said he's always had his own personal law of chastity, and he
doesn't smoke, drink, or anything. So this next Saturday will be
Joseph's baptism, and Elder Johnson and I will probably attend that!

After that, we met up with the other elders then we went back to Albi.


So here's a nice tender mercy of the week... The Sisters in
Montpellier called us and let us know that this new family from New
Zealand is moving to our sector. They live in Castres, which is about
an hour away from Albi. So we called them and talked to one of the
girls, and they sounded super cool! There's one brother, two sisters,
and one of the sisters husbands. I believe the parents still live in
New Zealand. So we were walking and contacting in centreville around
7PM. We had been contacting pretty much all day, and we hadn't eaten
dinner. Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of fruits come about that
day. But we were walking, and this guy runs up behind us and is like
"Hey Elders!" We turn around and it turns out to be the brother in
this family, Lehi. He got back from his mission in the Philippines a
couple months ago. But we start talking to him, and he invites us to
come to this restaurant with everyone else. So we get there and it's
all the family that moved in! They bought us burgers. It was super
sick! It was a good tender mercy; it's crazy how as members we can met
another member for 5 minutes but instantly connect. It was super cool
to meet the. And eat with them!

On Saturday we went to Eda's house to eat with her and two of her
friends. She always stuffs us haha and she always gives us food to
take home. After Eda's, we took a bus home and ate with Mimi. We
helped helped her prepare the food and eat with her. It's been a
couple weeks since we've had dinner appointments with people, so It
was nice doing that again :)

Zone Pday (those are gargoyles)

Our zone minus 4 elders


Our car is still broken.. But this week, a guy came out and took a
look at it. He changed the battery, which got the car to start up
again but there are still problems. So the other day, we drove the car
out to his house. He lives about 20 minutes outside of Albi. We had a
member follow us in their car so they could save us if we broke down,
and so they could also drive us back. But after lots of praying, we
made it to the ville. And this ville is incredible!! It's a super awesome
place. There's this big castle on a hill, and just a super pretty
place. When we go back to get the car, we will take some pictures.
It's a really cool place.

Our Amis are doing well. Brigitte has been in Marseille for the last
10 days so we haven't seen her. But we'll try to see her sometime this
week. Elisabeth has been doing well; she loves having us over and she
always looks forward to us coming over. Unfortunately, she has a 25
year old daughter that is kind of rude to her and she always tells her
to not let us come. She thinks we're a cult. Hahah French people
either think we're Jehovah's witnesses and a cult, or they just think
we're a cult. Haha but literally they usually know nothing about the
church or its teachings.

But all is well! Just pray for our Amis. That'd be sweet :)

Roamin Toulouse!

Well that's all for this week! I love you all! Have a good week!!

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