Monday, August 17, 2015

Bonjour à tous! Cette semaine était super!! 

(Translation:  Hello everyone!  This week was great!!


So this week we had a multi-zone conference in Bordeaux with President
and Sœur Brown. Bordeaux is a really cool place; I didn't take a
chance to take pictures unfortunately. But it was a really good
conference! We have still been talking a lot about temples and what
they can do for us and our investigators. The thing that was really
emphasized was the commitments that we make with people. We started
talking about "Allez-vous"'s which means "will you." So we talked
about how to improve our commitments and how we are going to use them
with everyone that we work with. As missionaries, we are here to
invite, commit, and follow up so people can grow their faith. So right
now we're working on committing more and using the temple as the big
picture. At the conference they had some missionaries give some
testimonies that they had from the temple. There were some really
great things said! Sœur Brown also had us place a game practicing
these "Allez-vous" and it's like charades but we have to run back and
forth and yeah.. But we got to take off our socks and shoes so that
was really fun hahah!

 I saw a lot of people I know in Bordeaux. A
couple people from my mtc group!

Our zone (minus two elders) after the the game at conference (lol
look at the sisters tan lines on their feet

Zones with President Brown and his wife
So last Monday we had a miracle; Our ami Bridgette said she'll be in a
ville that's not too far from Albi. So we hopped on a bus and met her
out there! We had a lesson in a park. She was saying how she feels so
much better when we're seeing her frequently. We're trying to get our
car fixed so we can actually see her! So we're happy we got to see her
on Monday because she left on Wednesday to go to Marseilles for 10
days on vacation. So we were happy that we got to do that!

So I talked about our ami Elisabeth a little last week. The one that
came to church and felt something good. So this week we set up a rdv
with her and we decided to bring Eda, our recent convert to teach with
her. We were a little hesitant to teach with Eda because she likes
talking a lot. So for the lesson we had planned to just go in there
and talk about our roles and missionaries and then a little bit of the
restoration. Well we were completely right when we thought Eda would
talk a lot haha. It was our first lesson with her, and Eda straight up
told her to stop drinking tea and coffee! Haha it's not bad it was
just a little unexpected. But Elisabeth agreed it was bad and decided
that she would stop tea and coffee because that leads her to smoking
and other stuff. So in short, we went in to that first lesson to talk
about the restoration, but she ended up accepting the commitment to
not drink tea and coffee hahah! She also prayed, and it was very
sincere and heartfelt. Elisabeth is super prepared; we gave her a
little brochure of the restoration, and on the cover is a picture of
Jesus. She was like "Wow, I really like this picture. I don't like
when I go into a Catholic Church and see Jesus up on the cross. It's
not a happy image and it's not true because He was resurrected and He
lives!" After she said that Elder Johnson and I just looked at
eachother like "wow... She's good!" Haha and after we explained our
role as missionaries and our message, Elisabeth said "Ok well I guess
it's necessary that I should come to church every week." Hahah dang!
So many miracles with her. She had been reading in Alma in the Book of
Mormon already. She had been marking scriptures and writing her
questions down. Literally she is the most prepared person I have seen
so far on my mission! She's great. We have another rdv with her
tomorrow. We're stoked!

Here's a really nice miracle of the week: we were walking to the gare
to catch our train, and some guy stopped us and was like "hey do you
have a moment?" So we stopped and he was asking if we would be willing
to help him with English. He knew sister missionaries a really long
time ago, and saw us and figured we speak English. So it was cool
because he stopped us! We'll see him soon. He doesn't have a interest
in the Gospel, but it has to start somewhere! When I was back in
Avignon, we taught English class to a few people. The other elders
invited one of the women to church. She came for a few weeks, then I
got transferred. Turns out, about a month ago, this women got baptized
:) so it has to start somewhere!

This week I opened a Reese's peanut butter cup and there were five
cups on it. It made my day hahah.

Our car isn't fixed yet. But we asked around in the branch, and sure
enough, our recent convert Eda who spoils us, knows a guy! Haha so we
got in contact with this guy and he's coming out tomorrow to help us
out with the car. Haha we're so blessed!

Well that's our week! All is well up in here. 

Merci de me soutenir!
Vous êtes tous super! Je vous aime! Passez une bonne semaine!! 

(Translation: Thank you for supporting me!

You are all great! I love you! Have a good week !!) 

Mission Conference (I'm really blurry and jumping in the background lol)

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