Monday, August 31, 2015


Hola! So we got our calls, and I'm getting transferred. I'm going to
Lyon (big city life) and I'll be with Elder Hutchinson. If you send me
letters or packages, send it to the mission office:

Elder Jacob Steadman
France Lyon Mission
59 Rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon


Ok so here's what's interesting. I'm in Confluence (in Lyon) with
Elder Hutchinson. This is his last transfer. He and I are kind of
office elders, but better. We're known as the "Demolition Equipe." So
our job, as missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints, is to drive around the southern half of France and francophone
Switzerland, demolishing (more so closing) apartments that are no
longer in use. Haha we have a car. There have been a lot of apartments
closed, due to the fact that we're lowering the number of
missionaries. So I'm super excited! It'll be very interesting. We
won't be doing very much proselyting or contacting. But there are some
cool perks! We have a car. We can both drive, because he is European,
and I have been out less than a year. Because of the fact we aren't in
our vile most the time, we will be eating out a lot; it would be rude
to steal other elders food. So we have a "Gold Card" where we have a
certain amount of money each day we can spend on food (if we're
outside of Lyon). I asked someone, and they said that their usual
schedule is leave Monday night to go take down apartments and stuff,
then get back Saturday night. We go to church, we have P-Day, then we
start all over again. So I'm apologizing in advance, but we won't have
too many things to talk about, other than my adventure of going all
over the mission. I'm Stoked! President said that this shouldn't last
more than 4 or 5 weeks, so after that we'll be able to get back to the
real work.

For Elder Johnson, he's staying and finishing his mission in Albi.
He's receiving TWO companions, so Albi will be a trio. So he's excited
for that; they can now visit al, the single woman Amis and members in
Albi; he's glad to stay in Albi for his last transfer.


So I don't know if I said it in last weeks email, but our Amie
Elisabeth kind of dropped us. She's experiencing a lot of opposition
because of family members saying we're a cult and stuff. She's made
some good friends in the Branch already, so that's good. But for this
week, we just eased off for a bit, and I believe Elder Johnson will
try to contact her this next week.

Our Amie Brigitte got back from Marseille this week! We weren't able
to see her (still no car) but she came to church on Sunday. She said
that she really misses us visiting her weekly; she feels a difference
in her life when we're there. So hopefully the car will be fixed soon
and the Elders in Albi will go see her! Brigitte also bought souvenirs
for Elder Johnson and I. She gave us these nice cups from Marseille. I
don't have a picture of it right now, but it was super nice of her to
get it for us!


On Friday, we did an exchange with the Rodez Elders. The Rodez elders
are the other elders in our branch? We decided to blitz, which just
means all four of us were in Rodez. 

Rodez Elder Exchange
So I went with Elder Keller; he's been here for four transfers, but now he's also getting transferred.
We spent the afternoon passing members and amis so he could say
goodbye to them. It's fun because we're still working in our sector
with the members we know. That night we went to the Bermardi's for
dinner. Frere Bernardi is the Branch President. They fed us all sorts
of stuff. Frog legs! They were pretty good. I liked them! And then we
ate some kind of fish. I usually don't like fish, but it's starting to
grow on me! Swisher Bernardi has origins from Portugal, so she made us
a Portuguese dish that had fish, potatoes, and other stuff. She also
gave us jello!! Haha apparently they have jello in Portugal and it's
not uncommon to eat.  But it was super good! The Bernardi's also gave
me a gift because I'm leaving. They gave me this book that's recipes
for holidays! So there are a lot of traditional French stuff in there
so it's cool. It was super nice of them!


Last week we had a zone P-Day. Little did I know, it was my last P-Day
in Toulouse :( but it's alright! We had a good time. We went to the
"Toulouse Plage," (Plage means beach) which is just a park that is
next to the River. But they had a bunch of fun stuff to do. We played
sand volleyball and it was sick!

Our car is still broken. We drove it from this guys house that was
looking at it, and right as we pulled into our parking spot, all the
electricity died. So that's twice now! Haha we have a rdv this next
Tuesday in Albi to see if the problems are under guarantee.

Last Saturday the ZLs had a baptism in Toulouse, so we attended. It's
this cool African guy; I talked about him a bit in an email from last
week. But it all went really well! He bore his testimony after and he
really has a lot of faith and he's super happy all the time!

Joseph who got baptized in Toulouse with our ZL's.

Last night we went to pass this less-active member, Ambre. She fed us
and I said goodbye to her! I gave her like 10 packs of Kool-aid. She's
literally obsessed with Kool-aid hahah she loved it. She was super

Well that's all I can remember from this week... Unfortunately I don't
really have photos this week; I took them all on my camera but I don't
have a way at the moment to load them.. But I have a few!

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