Monday, September 28, 2015


This will be short and I don't have a lot of pictures this week. But ça va!

Life is going well. We're super busy and traveling all over the place.
I don't think I shared this before, but Elder Hutch can't drive 
because he doesn't have a license in France. 
So I do all the driving haha so I have some long days. We've had some 
good experiences in this equipe; doing the move in Marseille went very well for us. 
It's stressful and I'm  definitely now more tired than before
 being an office Elder, but it's going well. 

So our first part of the week we were still in Fribourg. We kind of
had to sacrifice our Pday, but it all went well. We finished moving
stuff and taking stuff all over. Wednesday evening we were finally
able to return to Lyon! We took the two elders from Fribourg with us
to Lyon because we had conference the next day.


We had a multi-zone conference in Lyon with Elder Adler! I believe
he's in the third quorum of the seventy. It was a really good
conference; it felt a little all over place on the theme or the
subject. But we talked about our testimony of Christ, the influence of
the Spirit, obedience, and other stuff. They gave us a lot of
challenges to strengthen our testimony of Christ! So that was super
cool! I got to see a couple people from my MTC group. We were like a
family there so it was nice seeing them again!


After the conference on Thursday, Elder Hutchinson and I headed
straight out to Vitrolles. We stayed in Vitrolles for the night.
Vitrolles is just a 20 minute drive out to Marseille. This move was
super interesting; there were sister missionaries living in Marseille,
but the mission wants them living in a ville called Aubagne. Marseille
is a pretty dangerous place for them to be living in (that's where
Elder Johnson, my last comp, got stabbed). Random fact,
Aubagne is a communist-run ville, so all the public transportation is
free there haha.

The hard part about the Marseille move was the fact that we had to be
completely out of the apartment by 4:30PM but we could only start
moving in the other one at 2:30PM. So essentially we had two hours to
complete an entire move. For just Elder Hutch and I, that would be
impossible. So our friend from the office, Elder Taylor, hired 3 guys
to come help us move. They had a big van for it too! We saw lots of
simple miracles such as parking spots and just the effectiveness of
everyone working on the move. We got everything done and moved within
a few hours. It was super cool!

I did an exchange yesterday. We had to do it on Sunday because our
equipe is never in Lyon, so it was super interesting to do it on
Sunday. I did my exchange with Elder Bleak (pronounced like steak).
He's in the same ward so it still worked out. We got to do some actual
missionary work though! We went to this brother in our ward and gave
him a blessing! Elder Bleak is a Chinese speaking elder, so we got to
do some work with his Chinese Amis.

Today we had zone Pday so that was fun. We played some American
football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and werewolf. Next week is
presidents Pday, where we all go to presidents house for P-day. So it
should be sick!

This week we might be going to Cannes, or we'll be doing a bunch of
errands for the mission. So we'll see!

Have a good week! Love you!

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