Monday, January 25, 2016


Yeah I had no idea what to title my email this week. But I try to put
alliterations; Elder Hekking (one of the elders in our apartment)
tried to cut his hair, and he messed up big time. Hahah so now he's
got a pretty noticeable hole in his hair. I need to cut my hair, but I
don't want to do it by myself cause I'm afraid I'll mess it up as

Mais bon..

Elder Hekkings hair cut?

We went to the dentist this week in Lyon. Elder Thangaraj is having
some pain on one of his teeth, so we had to go to the dentist. I was
surprised; they weren't too shabby. European dentists kind of scare me
(yes mom, even more than American dentists). But it seemed pretty
legit. We're going back this week so he can get some work done in his
mouth. There's a chance they'll have to put him on some anesthetics,
so I might be walking around Lyon with a messed up Thangaraj. We'll
see what happens!


Elder Stutz was sick this last week, so one of the days I stayed home
while the other two went out to work. Elder Hekking had been in the
apartment all day the day before. Being in a four man is nice! I was
starting to get a little sick there as well, but I don't think I'll
get as sick as he did.

I did an exchange with my district leader Elder Hansen. He was my zone
leader when I was in Albi, so I know him pretty well. But it was a fun
exchange! We did a few hours of porting (knocking doors). Nothing
really came from it; we met a lot of people but didn't get any return

We met this bro, and it was probably the most ridiculous contact I've
ever had on my mission..... He was saying how he wants to have a
religion because he sees how people are so happy in them. He said he
wants to know the answers to questions like "why are we hear?" Or
"where did we come from?" He honestly sounded like that "golden"
investigator, but when we told him we can help him find all the
answers to his questions and learn a lot more, he said he's alright
and doesn't really want to. We were so confused hahah cause it was
going ssuuuuppeerr well and then he just dropped like that. But it's
alright. Maybe he'll be prepared the next time missionaries knock on
his door!

We also had a broadcast for all the missionaries in the world, so that
was pretty chill. Learned some good things and enjoyed it! Afterward,
Chiffy fed us some quail. It was way good! By the way, "La Caille" in
sandy Utah translates to the quail.


Thangaraj and I were walking around contacting, and we saw this random
Vietnamese martial arts place. We wanted to drop in to just take a
look at it. When we went in, one the members, Delbert, was there! It
was really funny and random. The instructor of the class was
interested to know who we are. So one of these days we might all try
to go to a class and make some friends!


Other than that, life is well.

Have a great week everyone!

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