Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hello family and friends! This week was pretty good we talk to a lot
of people are outside quite a bit. I don't have a lot to talk about;
we have been doing a lot of finding lately. We have found some success
and some new people to teach (one of the hardest things to do in our
mission). We spent long hours outside in the cold, but it was all
worth it.

Also, congrats to my sister Carly and Camden for their wedding this

So this week we went to this place called Romans. We just did some
contacting around there, and we met some pretty nice people. As we
were doing some contacting we noticed there were a lots of shoe shops.
And we got really confused because we probably saw about 30 different
shoe stores in the central area. So we decided to ask someone and it
turns out the Romans the shoe capital of France! Haha they have a shoe
museum and apparently they have been making shoes there for very very
long time. Someone told me that there were some abandoned shoe
factories not too far from Ville. For all you girls and shoe lovers
out there, you would die in this place. It was super sick!

Chillin' at the shoe capital

We have a new guy in the apartment; his name is Elder Stutz. I already
knew him from before; he served in my zone for a few transfers. But so
far it has been fun being with him and the other two. We have sets
goals and our companionship that's will help us be better

So because I have been out for almost a year, I had to go to Grenoble
to do my legality. There is this Elder that's in Lyon, Elder Loosle,
we decided to do a road trip to Grenoble. We left our comps envelops
to do some work, and then Elder Loosle he and I went to Grenoble. I
when I say road trip it was only one hour haha. But to be H with Some
elders in Grenoble, and also elder Acheson (my comp from Lyon, he's
the same age in the mission). We saw a few of our sisters from the MTC
as well; basically we do this at our year mark so we can stay in
France for another year. It was pretty easy though; the office sets
everything up and so they make it really easy for us. Basically, we
just have to go to Grenoble and then give our papers to some person at
the Prefecture. So it was fun to see my MTC buds!

Doing some legality!

We met this cool bro this week. His name is Jimmy, but it's pronounced
and spelled in some French way. Elder Thangaraj and I were out
contacting, and we saw this dude sitting outside at a pizza place; he
had a chess board set up but he was alone. So we decided to go play
with him and start talking to him. We're gonna see him again on
Tuesday; we'll probably play some chess and hopefully we can talk to
him about the gospel.

My comp playin some chess with Jimmy

This week we got to see this guy named Mesake; he's from Fiji and
plays rugby here. He's got soooooo much faith it crazy! We've just
been befriending him; he's super nice. He's got a busy schedule
because of rugby, but whenever we see him, we're super happy! He
shared with us his favorite scripture, one that that I thought was
really sweet!

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their
strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run,
and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

"Mount up with wings as eagles"... How sick is that?! (I know it's
figurative, but how sick?!)

For me personally, I took this scripture to heart this week. We've
been contacting all week; this week was an all time personal record
for how many people I contacted. But if I "wait upon the Lord," I feel
like everything will come into place. It's by Him that I can do all
things! It's because HE LIVES

I love you all! Have a great week

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