Monday, January 4, 2016


Hi fam and friends!

This week was pretty slow. I was sick for a few days in there, but it
still went well! We got transfer calls and I'm staying with my comp
(C'est bien que je l'aime). There were only 3 changes in our entire

This will be short cause I'm going to Lyon this morning and I'll be
pretty busy most the day.

Everyone keeps asking what I did for New Year's Eve.. Hahah for the
second year in a row, I've gone to bed at 10:30 for New Year's Eve. We
did party a little bit; the ward had stuff going on at the church. So
we went to the church, met a bunch of members friends, ate some food,
and then left at 9:30. Afterwards at our apartment we popped some
Champomys (Martinellis, sparkling cider) and celebrated hahah.

New Year's Day was pretty uneventful as well. None of the buses were
running, and not many people were outside. My comp and I started the
year off by eat some McDonald's. That was probably the highlight of
the day!

We had some dinner appointments this week. The Family Tulievuka hooks
us up always. They feed us super well and it's always good! Brother
Tulievuka is the kind of guy that we can call for anything if we need
help. So we really like them!!

We had dinner with Sister Gibert. She usually feeds us every Saturday
night so that's super nice of her! We had some smoked salmon; that was
the first seafood I've actually liked! But we enjoy going to Sister
Gilbert's because she always invites her neighbor, Elyses, to come
over. He's 18 years old and speaks english and French. We're not
allowed to teach him because that would put him in danger with his
religious background, but we're good friends! We've given him 3 copies
of the Book of Mormon; one in English, one in French, and one in
Sister Giberts

On Sunday night we went to Chiffie's (Brother Lechifflart). He fed us
really well! Today he's driving all four of us up to Lyon to make
transfers easier! We're super thankful for what he does for us. 
At Chiffie's house with one of his dogs

These dogs were massive but really gentle! They're some kind of
Russian wolfhound

We saw Odile yesterday; she's doing really well. We're really good
friends with her! She's super nice and always gives us food haha.

As of January 2nd, all restrictions were lifted for curfew and
transportation! So before, we had to be inside by dark and we couldn't
use metros. But now that's all lifted so we can be back to normal!
It's been almost two months that it's been like this, so it'll be nice
to get back to the original way. We're still staying alert and safe!

Thanks for all that you do! I love you!

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