Monday, February 15, 2016


Hi friends and fam!

I don't have a lot of time today, I'm again in Lyon.. This will be
really short. Sorry!
So transfer calls came in and it was pretty crazy... So there's four
of us in Valence.

 We got our calls Friday morning; President started
by talking to Elder Stutz and Elder Hekking. He tells them that
they'll be staying together, but they will be whitewashing Bergerac...
So that was crazy! Bergerac is on the other side of the country haha
so they have a lot of trains to take. Elder Thangaraj is going to
Angouleme, and I'll be staying and training! The other companionship
is also being closed, so we'll be taking over everything in Valence!
I'm on my way to Lyon right now, and I'll be there for a couple days.
All the blues get in tomorrow, and then we will get them on Tuesday!

This last went well though. I was sick for the most of it. We went to
Lyon for Pday last Monday and we just saw some cool touristy stuff.

We found this cool new ami named Elizabeth. She really wants to speak
English with us but she seems interested in the church as well. We met
her on Wednesday, and fixed a rdv with her for an hour later at the
church.. And she showed up! She likes the chapel in valence a lot. We
were able to see her twice last week; she even gave us some ties as a
gift! We plan to see her again this week.. So we'll see how that goes!

But I'm super stoked to train. I'm upset Thangaraj is leaving me! He's a homie.

I get my blue on Wednesday! I'm super excited! He's probably
waking up in a few hours to go to the airport to get on the plane.
Haha pray for him!

I love you all! Have a great week!

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