Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Bonjour tout le monde!
So I'm training now.. It's pretty sick! It's going well. My comps name
is Elder Kahn (pronounced con) and he's from Saratoga springs. It's
been going really well so far!

Elder Kahn and I

I spent three days in Lyon which is always sick. I got to hang around
with all the other trainers for the most part and it was way fun.
We're all stuck in Lyon, so the zone leaders just kind of improvise
for stuff we can do. On Monday we just chilled in Lyon, cause it was
Pday. On Tuesday,  we contacted for like 4 hours.. It felt like 6 haha
we were way cold. But the mission buys the trainers dinner on Tuesday
night, so we got master tacos! Super good.

Wednesday we got our comps, and then went home.


Friday I had to go to Grenoble to do legality.. We met up with elder
Acheson and Loosle on Thursday night and slept in Grenoble for the
night. It was fun spending some time with the,! They're way far from
me so it's nice to see them. But now I'm legal again for another year!

Elder Kahn and his first French Mcdonalds, (he grows up so fast!)

So this week elder Kahn and I were walking swiftly to go buy him a bus
pass.. We wanted to buy it before the place closed, but we had like
ten minutes. We were going and on the road we saw this woman holding
her baby and pushing a stroller with a nightstand awkwardly fit onto
it, about to fall over. So we offered her some help! We walking a few
blocks with her to take the night stand. We got to know her a little
bit and when we dropped it off, we asked if she would be interested to
talk to us and she was! So we hope to see her this week. We didn't get
elder kahns bus pass that night, but we made a new friend! So it was
definitely worth it... It was a good lesson for us to never pass up an
opportunity to serve!

Elder Kahn and Delbert

I already love having the area to ourselves... Our week gets booked
super fast and it's way nice! Haha the members are upset there's only
two of us now, but they still support us. We have some member RDVs
this week, one of which they said they are inviting some friends! So
we're stoked.

But life is well up in Valence France 😎

Have a great week!

Elder Kahn Chillin

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