Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Yo so this will probably be short. We spent all day in Lyon, so I
don't really have time left. But here we go!

We had this guy we were teaching named Bonté.. But then got his name
changed to Afinio... And we were walking to our appointment to meet up
with him, and we saw him on the road. We started talking to him and he
cut in; he was like "I chose my religion!" And we were like "oh
yeah??" And he was like "I'm now going to be Muslim. Tomorrow, I'm
going to pick up my son and take him to a mosque." We were just like
"quoi...????" (What...???). So we probably won't be seeing him again
soon haha

It's ironic cause this guy has a big ol' cross tattooed on his neck..
We'll try to pass him in a month and see how he is.

Our highlight of the week was probably seeing our homie, Prince
Success. (For the record, he is a prince, and technically king if he
returns to his country). We asked him to bring his crown and his royal
attire (I don't know what to call it). So that was pretty cool!
Prince Success

Also I'm not sure if I've completely explained Prince's story... I
won't go into depth, but he's here in France for political asylum,
because he was attacked by an anti-Christian tribe in his country.
They cut his neck and left him to bleed out. Somehow, he ended up at
the gate of a doctor, who then took care of him for the next nine
months. At some point I think he was in a coma. Then he came to France
for better medical care and political asylum. So he showed us his
Prince's Scar

It's pretty crazy that he survived that. God wanted to keep him
here! Probably so he could find the church :)

We're working on getting him to the temple! It's been hard trying to
find a member to take him.. He's got names and a recommend, so now we
just have to wait on the members..

We went porting (door-knocking) this week in this middle of nowhere
neighborhood in a middle of nowhere ville. We ended up finding a
castle in the neighborhood #ILoveFrance.
A small part of the castle we found

Well we're still trying to find people to teach.. We have quite a few
potentials, but we can't really seem to fix with them. We might have
to start taking some different, out-of-the-box styles of missionary
work. So we'll see how it goes. Pray for us!

I love you all!

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