Monday, May 2, 2016

Ghetto Couch and Grenoble Chillin

Bonjour everyone!

So we had a decent week.

Last Monday the zone leaders came to valence to hang out with us
before starting the exchange. We just chilled and played some
basketball. On Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Berry in Valence.
We didn't really have much going on that day, so we went porting (door
knocking) for what felt like 5 hours. We kind of lost track of time
haha but we talked to a lot of people. We didn't find anyone to return
to, but some random Moroccan dude gave us some homemade cookies so
that was cool.


Elder Berry is finishing next week and he is going to USU when he gets
back. He had already gone for a year, so he and I connect pretty well.
I'll most likely see him after the mission up there. We finished off
the night by going to Jean-Yves! He fed us some lasagna.

Wednesday we went up to Lyon to trade back.. I really don't remember
what else happened that day. We saw Prince success when we got back to
Valence, but after that I don't remember.

Thursday we had a tombezvous (when you make a rdv but they don't show
up). We had confirmed the rdv at 6PM the night before, we show up to
our meeting spot exactly at the time, and the guy didn't show up...
Haha so that was annoying. We also saw our friend Michel. He's a super
old guy that loves the missionaries. We usually just read the Book of
Mormon with him.

We've had a hard time seeing any of our Amis lately, so we've had to
do some more finding. But we're still trying!

Friday we did a blitz in Grenoble. A blitz is an exchange but both of
us were in Grenoble instead of one going back to Valence. It was fun;
we had an appointment with a family to eat lunch. They knew some
people from draper. The father was a mission president in Madagascar a
while ago! That evening we taught one of their Amis that is going to
get baptized this week. Normally I would be doing the interview, but
because of her situation, president brown is going to do it.. So
unfortunately I won't be interviewing anyone this transfer!

Saturday we helped the Grenoble elder with a service project. We took
these big ball-things like a ski lift to the top of the Bastille, and
we walked down all of it and picked up trash. It was pretty fun! There
were some members and a bunch of nonmembers, so we enjoyed talking to
a bunch of people. We got some nice photos as well!

Sunday we had church and ate with Frere Barro and his wife. It was my
first time there,vans it was way good! They're super nice.

This week we're trying to have a mangezvous every day.. Haha we have
almost filled up the week! We're still trying to find someone for
Friday and Saturday... So we'll see.

Also, we rearranged our apartment so make some more space because
we're no longer 4 missionaries  and that turned into us making a new
ghetto couch using a bookcase, planks of wood, and a huge pad. Haha
it's pretty cool!

Well that's all for this week. I love you All! Have a great one!

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