Monday, June 13, 2016



Hey everyone! We had a super good week. 
We've been super busy and it's
been great!


We've been able to teach quite a bit this week. This new push for Amis
has been helping us teach more lessons and find new people, and it's
been great! We have this new ami named Romeo. He's from Cameroon and
he's interested to meet with us and learn more. We gave him a Book of
Mormon, but unfortunately his roommate threw it out because he said
it's not good. Romeo still wants to read and meet with us, but he
can't take a Book of Mormon home.  So we just meet with him and teach
and read the Book of Mormon at the same time.

One morning we decided to go contact before lunch for an hour to try
to find two new Amis. We asked our district to say a prayer for us as
we went out. About 50 minutes went by with no success. But then we
both contacted two different people, and we both found two new Amis at
the same exact time, right at the end of our hour! So that was a super
cool miracle.

Valence elders, Elder Arne (exchange) and Xavier!

We hadn't had contact with our Brazilian ami, Ananias. One night we
were contacting around, and we saw him and his son on the road! We
started talking to them and he was just like "okay let's go eat now!"
So he took us home and we ate Brazilian food haha. It's was super
unplanned but super nice of him. Unfortunately he couldn't come to
church today because his boss changed his day of work.. But hopefully
he comes next week!

Speaking of our Brazilian friend.... We've had a crazy miracle. We've
been talking to the mission office and some other missions in Brazil
and the MTC to find someone who speaks Brazilian Portuguese. Our plan
was to do some skype lessons with them, Ananias, and his son. But God
had another plan instead..
This week, a member from Seattle showed up and he's gonna be here for
a couple months. He's like 23 years old and her served a mission...
Guess where... BRAZIL! Hahaha wow we were super stoked about that.
It's crazy how the lord works! So now we'll be teaching quite a bit
with him.
Sunset in Toulon

We had dinner with the Patous Couple and sister Martinez. Their story
is long and complicated, and because of it they can't get baptized for
the moment, but everyone knows they'll be baptized one day when things
get settled. This couple is amazing! They're practically members. The
husband told us about how he offered a Book of Mormon to someone...
This dude isn't even baptized and he's being a missionary! Haha
they're on fire. They're a very nice couple.

One evening we decided to change things up with the recent convert
Xavier, and we went and played pétanque. I don't have time to explain
what it is, so just go look it up. It's very popular I'm France and
it's way way. But we went and played on a terrain right by the ocean.
It was a beautiful evening and we ended it off by splitting a pizza
between us three. Xavier is on fire as well! He's picking up
everything so fast. He'll be going to the temple pretty soon so that
will be great.


We helped a guy move in this week, and he brought his whole family..
They were like a redneck French family. You'd have to understand both
types of people and then combine them. It was super interesting...


We saw the Manoa family this week. They're a super dope family from
California! The husband is a rugby player here and they're super cool.
We're teaching their 7 year old son so that he can get baptized. I'm
not sure if I already told you, but they're related to Elder Kulu that
was in our stake at home for a bit! It's funny cause he's like the
only missionary I've remembered. The Manoa's bought us some McDo as
well so that's always chill with me.

We also had skype interviews with president and that was very
motivating. We talked about persevering and he shared some important
stuff. It was a great interview with him!

Also Elder Kahn (my bleu) visited Toulon last Monday cause his comp
forgot his birth certificate hahaha so it was fun seeing them.

We get transfer calls this friday, and I have some legit justifiable
fears of leaving Toulon only after six weeks......  We'll see what
happens. It also sounds like Toulon will get another set of
missionaries, which would be a good thing!

I have a slight sunburn.. Which will just be a tan soon enough 😎 #ThanksMom

I love you guys!! Have a great week!

PS I'm in my final six months now 😁😳 time is flying..

My comp caught a fish last Monday using a string, a sinker, a hook,
and a piece of bread haha people were laughing cause he was so excited


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