Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I don't have a lot of time.. We had some unexpected guests from
valence today (My last comp and his new comp, they had to come down
for certain reasons that would be useless to explain. Nothing

It's crazy that I'm at six months left already.. Haha that came by really fast!! 
I actually had an interview with president today by Skype (it's his interview tour) 
and we were able to talk a lot about these next six months. It should all go well!! 

I'll try to sum up my week briefly. We had a super fun Pday with a
bunch of other elders that came to Toulon. We played some ball with
some dudes so that was fun.

On Tuesday we had zone finding day, where all the missionaries in the
zone get together in one area and find people to teach. It was
Toulon's turn to have it. I was super stoked for that day, but things
got changed around a bit. Elder Loosle (my homie) woke up that morning
with a really bad ear ache and so we called the mission nurse and she
said to go get it checked out. So I went with Elder Loosle to the
Hospital.. We ended up being there for about two hours. He got checked
out and got some prescriptions and stuff, and he was told to go home
and rest... So I spent all day with Loosle inside while everyone else
was out working in Toulon. I felt bad hahah but I did make some calls
to people and it sounds like they had a pretty good day. They found 13
new people that were interested. That's a lot for us! It was way cool.

Unfortunately we had a record of appointments fall through this week..
We had about 9 total. They all just ended up not working out so that
was disappointing...

In other news, we met some American members that were in Toulon for
the day for a cruise. They bought us pastries!! It was super nice of
them. I feel bad because we didn't even get their names, but they're
from California. Shoutout to those members this week! You're the
nicest! There were some other members that also tried to give us $20
but we refused to take it  cause it's against the rules.. Hahah she
was like "really?! All the other missionaries took it." Haha we win!

One of the people that was found got engaged to baptism in July! One
of the missionaries in nice found and committed him, but unfortunately
we haven't been able to see him. He's pretty busy with work and all.
His name is Mondher. Pray for him!

We did a blitz in Antibes (where the band M83 comes from). That went
pretty well! That evening we went to the chapel in Cannes and watched
Meet the Mormons for a ward activity. It was super good!

We saw our Brazilian friend Ananias on Saturday evening. It was like
8:30 and he was like "hey lets go to mcdonalds" haha so we went to
mcdo with him and his son. They're superrrrrrr nice! Ananias also came
to church the next day so that was great.

We also had a rdv with a guy named Romeo.. It went well but he was
super tired. We're gonna try to see him again tomorrow!

Well I think that's all... I love you all!

La Mer

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