Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Note:  This weekend is Elder Jacob Steadman's birthday,  feel free to drop him an email birthday wish at jsteadman@myldsmail.net  or if you want to mail him a card let me know and I will send you his address. 


Bonjour everyone!

Summer and soldes are here! The weather is getting really warm and

continually going up in temperature.. But we're still doing some good

Last Monday was transfer day but because we didn't any changes, we

didn't have to worry about anything. We got to see the Corsica elders

(My homie Elder Thangaraj) and chill with them for a little bit. We

went and did some pre-soldes looking at places like Louis pion (now my
favorite store in Toulon). We went and played some ping pong in the
afternoon with Gabriel, the member from Seattle. We ate dinner with
the Corsica elders in the evening at McDonalds, and then went and ate
dinner at a members house for family home evening.. So we had two
dinners... Haha we ate McDonald's and forgot that the family home
evening would also be a meal.. But we managed through it and had a
good evening with some members!

Tuesday we did some planning, we saw Xavier and had our missionary
coordination meeting.. I'm not sure if I mentioned, but Xavier got
called as ward missionary! He's been baptized for about 6 weeks and
he's already ward missionary.

Wednesday we played some ball with some pretty chill high school kids.
That evening we had a cool miracle.. we were supposed to teach our
Brazilian ami Ananias, but he was late so we went to his apartment
anyway with his son Gabriel, who doesn't speak a lot of French. We
brought the American Gabriel who speaks Portuguese and Brazilian
Gabriel started asking us some questions about the Book of Mormon,
which lead us into a good lesson with him!

Thursday we had a rdv in the morning with a woman that stopped us on
the street a couple weeks ago. She's a French woman that lives in
Avignon but is moving to Toulon soon. Probably in July or August We
met with her and her friend at a café. She seems to be really
interested! We probably won't see her for a while because she doesn't
live here yet... But hopefully soon enough! It was cool because we
gave her the Book of Mormon, and she asked me if I would write
something in the front of it.. Haha I've never had someone ask me to
do that so that was pretty cool!

We visited a few members with our ward mission leader.. Both of them
are slightly less active. The one has a bunch of health issues right
now. But she's a super cool member! She's grateful for all the stuff
she has despite her difficulties.

That evening we went and played pétanque with Xavier and got some
pizza with him. Great evening with him!

Friday we visited some Tahitians; the wife is a member the husband is

a nonmember. We've been teaching the husband and he picks everything

up really quickly! He really has a good understanding and desire. We

asked him about baptism and he said that it's something that he would
want to do. We told him that he could get prepared and be baptized in
a month. His wife is also a recent convert. He was a bit nervous about
doing in a month cause he said he doesn't feel ready, so we just left
him with the invitation to pray about it. He has enough faith
necessary to receive his answer!

We had a movie night at the chapel and we watched meet the Mormons..
Not many people showed up but it was still good.

I also cut cut my own hair this week and it turned out better than I
expected... I don't have any photos at the moment though..

I don't have enough time to finish, but I love you all! Have a great week!

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