Tuesday, July 26, 2016



This week was rather crazy... We had missionaries sleeping in our
apartment about 4 nights this week haha.

Last Tuesday the Bastia elders (Bastia is on Corsica) had to come to
France a day early for Zone conference because there were no more
ferries the next day. So they came in and all three of them came and
worked with us in our sector. We split into a team of two and a team
of three. I took Elder Wilkey, whom I know very well because he was in
my apartment in Valence for a month and we went and did some work!

It was a very interesting afternoon.. We started out by knocking on
some doors, five to be exact. The first one answered, he said he is
interested but occupied and that we should come back later in the
week. The second door didn't answer; the third said he's also occupied
but he wants us to come back later that week.  Fourth door didn't
answer; fifth door this guy answers and is like "I'm very believing
and you won't convert me." But so then we get talking to him and he
was like "it's pretty hot, do you want to come in and have a drink?"
So of course we go in. We meet his wife and they turn out to be a very
cool, believing couple. They weren't super interested in the church
but they enjoyed talking to us. I believe we might go back this week
just to visit them.

But it was a good hour of knocking doors because we had no rejections :)

So then we went to our friends houses in the neighborhood, Pierre and
Didier. We show up and Pierre, Didier, and their neighbor Danny are
outside doing a little barbecue. elder Wilkey went and sat by Pierre
and I say by Didier. I talked to Didier about the Book of Mormon and
followed up on him. I got talking to Danny their neighbor about the
plan of salvation, and then we followed up on Pierre with his reading
and stuff. They're not super into it and they have a little slower
understanding, but they are nice guys anyway. They made barbecued
sardines and they weren't too bad.... I somewhat liked them. And
that's saying something especially from someone who doesn't like
seafood.. The mission does miracles people!

Afterwards Elder Wilkey and I just went to a meeting with the ward
mission leader, and then all five of us missionaries went and got
Mexican food!

The next day we had a zone conference in Aix En Provence. Aix is a
really nice ville with a lot of University people! We had a good
conference; I was able to see a lot of old mission buddies. I saw my
bleu Elder Kahn; he's doing well other than the fact that he's had
kidney stones the last few weeks... But he's doing better haha!

The conference was really good though. President Brown talked a lot
about the opposition in our mission right now. He gave the full story
from his perspective of the Nice attack and how he was trying to reach
us all night long. It was interesting to hear his side of things and
how much faith and prayer he has. President Brown is such a  spiritual
power house!

We had dominoes for lunch, and we also played a game with Sister Brown
using water balloons and towels. We launched water balloons at
eachother. The idea was that we need to be prepared for whatever comes
at us. It was super fun! President and Soeur Brown are a great couple
and they balance out really well.

After the conference, we headed back to Toulon and we ate dinner the
Ajaccio elders and the st Raph elders. The st Raph elders stayed the

Thursday was a mission wide Declutter day. We decluttered our
apartments of any old stuff and the APs made it into a competition
(which we did not win even though we got rid of a toilet that's been
on our balcony for a few years..). We found a bunch of old records in
the apartment and so we went to a store to try to sell them.. The
store didn't take them, but some guy in there wanted to buy one of the
records we have for 10€. So to make his day we just gave him all the
records for 10€ haha he was stoked about it and we were able to get
the records off our hands. The Bastia elders also stayed the night
before going back to corse the next morning

Friday we had an exchange with the Antibes Elders. Elder Arne and I
did some door knocking where we were able to get into the home of this
couple that went to salt lake some years ago.. They weren't interested
but they offered us a drink and were very kind to us! We played some
basketball with some friends that evening and the ended the night with
some Mexican food and getting called "Les garçons" hahah that's an
inside joke just so I can remember.

Saturday we visited the family Michel! It's a couple that has been in
the church for a little over twenty years and they're doing lots of
missionary work. They had some friends of theirs come to Church a
couple weeks ago, and they were interested but they live near
carcasonne. Long story short, we sent the elders their information and
now they will be getting baptized in carcasonne ward in september!
Member missionary work really works. :)

Sunday we had like 20 tourists at church.. There were a lot of people
that i didn't know and come from different areas in France. There was
also a family from Germany. But on a good note we had a random guy
come to church! His name is Abraham and he's from Nigeria. He's coming
back next week and we're going to try to teach him.

Du coup I don't have a lot of time left, but have a great week
everyone! Love you all!

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