Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bordeaux, Boats, Ballin

Hey everyone! I don't have much time to write so I'll be somewhat
brief.. I'm getting transferred out to Bordeaux.. It's been a really long day. I left around 7AM and I'm finally arriving in Bordeaux a bit after 9PM. There were a bunch of late trains, missed connections, and lay overs.. So we got in pretty late!I'm pretty upset to have to leave Toulon after just two transfers...But Bordeaux will be a new, cool adventure! I've been called as a zone leader... So that will be pretty interesting. I have no idea what I'mdoing, but we'll manage I guess. My new comp is Elder Barben; I don't know much about him yet. He's in his last transfer so I'll be finishing his mission with him, which means I have a guaranteed two transfers here, which probably means I'll finish my mission here. It's crazy to think about that! Time is really flying..


Well here's my week.. I don't remember much
Monday we shopped and then had FHE at Frere Sassi's
Tuesday we visited these two Africans from Nigeria.. One is a woman named Efoma and she's been taught for a really long time. But her brother was there for the first time so we got to meet him and teach him. He accepted a Book of Mormon and he seems fairly interested in the church. We then had our missionary reunion with our ward mission leader 
Wednesday we went with Xavier to the chapel to do some geneaology work with him and a member who is a specialist in it.

At the same time, we worked on making some CDs with the Book of Mormon in French on them. We just made about ten copies; it's for some aged members that can really read the Book of Mormon, so we put it onto some CDs.
Thursday we had dinner with the Patous and Sister Martinez. They ordered pizza and we had a good rdv.

Friday we had Antibes with us on exchange. We got our calls that morning and we were all surprised about all of our calls. The mission was changed up quite a bit.
Saturday we had a really intense rdv with a excommunicated who's very depressed but wants to come back.. I won't go into detail on it because there was a lot of things that were discussed, but it was very spiritual. Then that evening we went out to eat with Gabriel, the American, and Gabriel the Brazilian and his mom.

The American Gabriel could only stay for 15 minutes or so, but he ended up buying our dinner and leaving. It was super nice of him and it was a super good dinner!

Sunday we just did packing and a lot of goodbyes and stuff..
Sorry I don't have time to finish. We finally got to our apartment last night around 10:30PM.. We had a really long day!

Love you alll!

The Nonu family (Ma'a is the rugby player)

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