Monday, August 8, 2016

Ballin in Bordeaux with Barben

Hello everyone!

I don't have a lot of time this week because our Pday is getting cut
pretty short as we have to take a flight into Lyon for missionary
leadership counsel. I'm going to be pretty brief for the email this
week. We had a really good week though!

Monday was transfer day where I left Toulon at 7am and got to Bordeaux
around 9:30 after many connections and delays. We got to the apartment
at about 10:30. The apartment was an absolute disaster and it smelt
really bad.

Bordeaux, this street is famous for being one of the biggest
pedestrian only streets in Europe.

So Tuesday we took some time to clean the apartment and now it's
absolutely beautiful. It's actually pretty large and quite nice! That
evening, we did some door knocking and we were able to find someone to
be pretty interested and we got a rdv with them.

But I'm really enjoying my new area! It's very different from other areas I've been in.
Bordeaux is split into three different wards,and my ward is practically like the suburbs 
of Bordeaux. So we don't have a lot of people on the street compared to my other areas, 
and we knock a lot of doors.It's going pretty well so far and I'm enjoying it. The ward is
really cool and the chapel is really nice. My new comp is Elder Barben. He's from Layton
Utah. He and I get along really well already! 

We're actually whitewashing into our sector, so that's been
interesting.. Elder Barben was in another ward in a different part of
Bordeaux, so we're both trying to figure this new one out. Our sector
consists of mostly homes and not very many commercial areas for
contact. So we have a lot of door knocking to do! Fortunately I kind
of enjoy door knocking.. It can be pretty fun!

Wednesday we met with Bruno, a recent convert of one week and he
somewhat told us his life story. He's doing well and a member and he
seems really sincere and engaged in the gospel. We also made a new
friend named Miller. He's from Africa and he love the bible and he's
interested to learn more about our church. He also wants to learn

Elder Barben and I already have some good inside jokes. It's great!
(Shout out to elder Barben: topehopivopa)

Thursday we did some more porting and passes. We were able to find
another person interested! We were able to get three new people three
days in a row. It was great! We also picked up the Eysine elders at
the gare because the senior comp, elder Osborn, is whitewash training.
We slept at their apartment because we had to show them where it is
and we got back late.

Friday we have Miller a chapel tour, and we met with Emmanuel for a little bit.

Saturday we had samedi sportif and that was super fun! We played
soccer and volleyball, and there were some members and Amis. Elder
Barben and I did a little wrestling game in the sand because there was
some big wrestling thing going on for kids, so they asked if we wanted
to try haha. Elder Barben is 6'5" and weighs 30 pounds more than me..
He won 2-1 haha I'm proud of myself for the one time I got him down ;)

lder Barben beat me on wrastlin'

Sunday we went to church and met some members! It's a super power ward
and I'm stoked to work with them. I got to bear my testimony to
introduce myself. There was an American family that was visiting from
Mapleton, Utah, so elder Barben and translated for them. The dad had
me come up with him to the stand so he could bear his testimony and I
could translate it for him. It was pretty cool! A lot of the people
talked about temples and also about all the events happening in the
world these days but the peace we can feel of we search for it by the
hand of God.
We also had a good rdv with a woman named Lucette later that day.

I'm writing this email very fast with not much commentary because I
don't have very much time, but this week has been incredible and im
stoked for the next five weeks I have here. I imagine I'll stay here
until the end of my mission and I'm grateful for that. Bordeaux is
really cool!

I love you all, have a great week!
Porte d'Aquitane

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