Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Talence Chillin

Hey sorry this is gonna be pretty short.

We had a pretty cool week. Last Monday was busy and we hardly had a
Pday because we went to Bergerac in the morning to help some elders
with something, and then we got back and walked around Bordeaux a
little bit. Then we caught a plane to Lyon and ate master tacos! It's
been a while since I've had it so I was stoked to eat it again.

We had mission leadership counsel the next day. It was very spiritual
and powerful. President talked a lot about loyalty and obedience. We
went on a  little field trip to Mont Thou above Lyon and we talked up
there and had some time to figure out what we need for our zone.

Wednesday we had a grind day and we got to do some pretty cool stuff,
the night before we had planned to get a miracle at exactly five
o'clock. Long story short we found a new investigator at exactly five
o'clock. It's a Portuguese woman named Ana and she's interested.
Unfortunately she'll be on vacation for a couple weeks but we're going
to visit her and her family soon!

Thursday we had our zone training and that went really well! Our zone
took everything well and participated a lot.

Friday we did a baptismal interview and then we had crepe night with
some members and Amis! It was way fun

Saturday there was a baptism for other elders so we went and supported them.

Sunday I gave a talk at church that they asked me to do on Saturday
night.. Haha it went well.
Sorry I don't have a lot of time this week. I love you all! Have a great week!

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