Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Less than three weeks then I'll be heading to France! Once I get to France my emails will probably contain more interesting stuff because in the MTC I'm just usually in class so there's not a lot to talk about..

My week has gone pretty well; there's been a lot of class time and such so nothing really too exciting. On sunday we had a guy speak (forgot his name) and it was cool because he asked for a lot of recent converts (within last two years) to come and say something and it was really cool hearing from them! 
Its Elder Cade McCubbins (going to Georgia), Me, and Elder Bryson Hammer (going to Brazil)! We graduated company together! This was our temple walk. We're all at the MTC!

This week we got three new missionaries in our zone; two of them are going to the west indies and one of them is going to Canada! and I found out that I actually went to elementary school with one of them haha Elder Rowley! They're pretty cool guys though and I'm glad they're in our zone!
It's gonna pretty pretty hard to say goodbye to a lot of these people in a few weeks but I can't wait to see the things that they're going to all over the world!

 The MTC is pretty crowded right not (I'm sure its nothing compared to the summer) but it's still awesome seeing so many people! The work is constantly growing!

My French is coming along pretty well; tomorrow we get to skype a Native French Member and have a lesson with them and It will be different because Native French Speakers speak so fast!
Studying?? or Praying???
 (Sorry the Mom just had to post this picture.)

Also, I have been dubbed as the King of Four Square in Gym time, and everyone agrees hahaha

Well that's all I have for this week! Scripture of the Day: Jacob 6:12

Elder Steadman

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