Tuesday, January 27, 2015


French Consul General coming to the MTC

This week has been a pretty good one in the MTC! 

Last Tuesday Elder M. Russell Ballard came to our devotional and spoke to us! He had an awesome message for us. Then Sunday night, Stephen Allen of the Seventy came and gave a great message to us also! 

We received our flight plans last week! We'll be leaving monday morning, flying to Chicago, then to London, then down to Lyon! Sounds like we'll get to Lyon around 11 AM their time so we're gonna have a full day planned out for us! I'm super stoked to go but its gonna be pretty crazy!

I probably won't have P-Day until the Monday after the next one, so It'll be a bit until i email again; just about 2 weeks but thats totally fine! 

Yesterday, we found out that the French Consul General will be coming to our class on Friday. The Consul General is like a step below the Ambassador. She'll be coming to see what the MTC program is like, and she'll stop by our class and talk to us for a bit! I think that a member of the Seventy will be there as well. This is basically so that we can get our Visas into France, so they're kind of depending on us haha I can't wait!

Well that's all for this week! Be sure to check my blog for pictures, and next time I write I'll be in France. Blog: http://jakesjourneytofrance.blogspot.com/

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