Tuesday, January 20, 2015



I'm less than two weeks away from leaving the MTC and I'm super excited! I haven't had too much cabin fever in the MTC but it might get worse here soon.. 

This last week was pretty cool because we got a new MTC Presidency, and at the devotional last Tuesday, Elder Russell M. Nelson came again for that. It's cool to hear from an apostle a second time in the MTC!!

Last wednesday we did our TRC lessons where we would teach a lesson all in French to a member, and we got to skype volunteers in France and give them a lesson! I was surprised by how easy I could understand it, but I'm sure they were also speaking a little slower for us haha

On Sunday our new branch presidency spoke to us and it was good to hear from them. I only have them for two weeks so it doesn't really change anything. 

I'm supposed to get my travel plans this thursday and that's crazy to think about! Soon enough I'll be immersed in the language and the people of France and I couldn't be more excited! The MTC is pretty good, but only for 6 weeks haha.

Well that's about all for this week, I still have class all day usually so there's never a lot to write about.

Je Vous Aime!!

Elder Steadman

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