Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh look at that! It's already been two months, that's crazy!!!!!

So this last week has been pretty interesting just like all of them. We had zone training last week in Aix-en-Provence, and that was fun seeing all the missionaries in the zone! then I stayed the night in Aix and went on splits the next day with our Zone Leader Elder Nye! 

We visited a few members that day, and taught a lesson to this older couple that lost their son 20ish years ago. We taught them a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and they loved it! It was cool to see the faith and love they have for their son.

Also, I had my first kebab, which is a Turkish food that is pretty popular here! They have a huge spit of meat thats usually chicken or turkey, then they shave if off and put it inside a bread sandwich thing with some lettuce and sauce. a lot of people are grossed out by the idea of it but it was super good! 

Last Friday night, the 4 of us Elders taught an English class at the church. Its pretty funny seeing how we should know our language super well but we don't even know proper terminology haha but its fun!

Saturday we met with one of our ami's ├ętienne! (the french name for steven) he's a really cool guy from cote d'ivoire, and we've been working on getting him to church but he has had a hard time with his work schedule. but he told us that there is a guy who can switch his Sunday shifts so that's awesome to hear! we hope we will see him next week.

Church over here is interesting but still pretty great! I don't understand a lot of it right now, but it'll come! There is about 70ish active members in our ward and they are really awesome! (By the way, the sacrament is awesome in France because they use real french bread haha!)  but church is great. after church, all of us elders wanted lunch but its about an hour by bus to go back home, so it was funny because we were able to find some random things in the church and make some stuff! 

This morning we started helping this older guy move some stuff out of his garage. he has a lot of really old things that are sweet! We're going back Wednesday to finish, and he said that we'll be able to keep some stuff if we want. the coolest find we had was probably this really old xylophone that was still working!

Overall everything is going well and I'm loving France, the people, the language, and especially the food! haha  

check out the blog because that's where my mom puts my pictures up:

Je vous aime!!

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