Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 3, 2015


Dear Family of Elder Steadman,

This is just a quick note and photo to inform you that YOUR MISSIONARY HAS ARRIVED IN LYON FRANCE! We are so excited to have them in this mission. We love them and we view them with the same care and concern as we would our own children.  They looked pretty good even though they were surely very tired. They will be doing some legal work for their visa and some training and interviewing. By their preparation day (Monday) they will be able to tell you their companion’s name and where they live. Thank you so much for sharing your missionary with The Lord and with this mission. In many ways, this is truly the most wonderful mission in the world and they will make it even better.

The flight was changed last night so that instead of arriving at 11:10 AM they arrived at 2:30 PM.  They just left for the mission home for dinner.

Thank you,
President and Sister Roney
France Lyon Mission

Note from mom/editor - 12 missionaries rode Frontrunner to the TRAX station at 7 am.  Then TRAX to the airport, upon arriving at the airport they found their flight had been cancelled due to bad weather in Chicago.   They thought they were going to have to go back to the MTC for a few more days but were able to get on a flight going to Paris instead of Lyon,  The flight wasn't until 5 pm that day and the Paris missionaries were joining them for that flight.   They were able to get a flight from Paris to Lyon,  hence the late arrival.   But gave us lots of opportunities to talk to him while he was at the airport. 

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