Tuesday, February 10, 2015


(sorry about my typing, I'm not use to European keyboards)

It's been a while since I have emailed,  we use an internet cafe to email, but a lot has happened since, and I'm not sure if I will be able to put all of it on.

So last week we went to the airport to see that our flight has been cancelled, so then they told us they were going to send us back to the MTC until Thursday and we were just like, no. So we all prayed and somehow they found 12 seats for us on the flight!!! That was cool. so we sat in the airport all day and then got a direct flight from Salt Lake to Paris! Then we took a short flight from Paris to Lyon. When we arrived in Lyon, we met the President and his wife and a couple missionary,  it was just like instant relief.  I  love President Roney and his wife! They are the best! 

Then some of us (the sisters) went in a car to the mission home, and we took the Metro into the city. the AP bought us some pain du chocolate (bread with chocolate inside) and it was so good! The French food was already better than American haha and the French food is also more photogenic than I am haha

We ate dinner at the Presidents home that night, had interviews and stuff and then we all went to the mission apartment and just passed out. I actually have adjusted really fast to the 8 hour difference!

The next day we got our call to our cities and our companions! I'm in Avignon now and my comp is Elder Liechty (pronounced lick-tee) He's from Cedar Hills Utah! we did some contacting in Lyon that night and it was pretty fun. I have a hard time understanding people but it'll come!

The next day we did some contacting stuff for a lot of the day (because we weren't in our area yet, we had to wait til Friday). that night, all the new missionaries, their trainers, and a few others went and sang at the Gare. The Gare is the train station and they have a piano in it that anyone can play, so we ,just went and did some hymns! there were quite a few people that stopped to watch and it was nice to see a smile on their faces :)

The next day we did all of our legality stuff and then Elder Liechty and I left for Avignon! Avignon has a lot of really old buildings and the Pope's Palace. A lot of Popes used to live here in the past.

On the train ride to Lyon, I slept for like the first hour or so but then this ridiculously drunk guy hopped on board and started talking to us. He kept calling me handsome, and he was singing and dancing and saying a lot of french words that I don't know haha  -  at the end he stole Elder Liechty's scarf and then walked away haha we decided he can have it as long as he was gone .

There's 4 guys in our apartment, moi, Elder Liechty, Elder Lindsey from St George, and Elder Olivier from Tahiti! Elder Liechty has been pretty sick this weekend so on Saturday I went out with Elder Lindsey, taught a couple lessons and did some contacting. we had a great day of work for my first day so it was sweet! then Sunday I went with Elder Olivier to church.  On sunday we had 108 people at church which is a lot for that week! Probably because it was Branch Conference. 
Elder Liechty
Elder Lindsey and Elder Olivier

I didn't understand most of the time what was going on, but I really like our branch! They are really great! it was branch conference so after church they had a lot of food and stuff and I met a bunch of cool people! I loved meeting Jonathan and Joshua Roll!!   (The Horrocks that live in our ward nephews) It'ss a very small world and they were super nice!! We got a ride home from church!

My P-days are Monday's, but we emailed today because I had to stay with Elder Liechty so he could get better!
check out the blog :) jakesjourneytofrance.blogspot.com

je vous aime BEAUCOUP :)  

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