Monday, February 23, 2015

These weeks just fly by! 

So last Monday night, all of us 4 Elders went to a members home (the Farinas) and had some dinner with them! We had crêpes for dinner with turkey and cheese in them, then we had crêpes for desert with nutella in them so that was pretty tight. 

Then Tuesday, we met our ami (by the way, ami means friend and investigators are called amis de l'Eglise, friends of the church) Amine and ate some Chinese food with him at a restaurant in Centreville, then we went and walked to the Pont d'Avignon with him. Its this pretty sweet bridge that was built a long time ago, there's some story with it but I'm not sure what it is.
After that, Elder Liechty and I visited this guy named Andre. Andre is this older French guy, he's been to church like once or twice but he loves the missionaries. He can play probably over 20 instruments, and also this crazy Argentinan Accordian thing, that probably no one can play as good as him haha. he also let us play his super sweet guitar; its a Fender Stratocaster from the 1950s and its still in great condition! We got talking to him about his family and he has a lot of stuff he wants to share with us, so we'll probably see him tomorrow and talk about his family.

On Wednesday, Elder Liechty and I took about a 40 ride to Orange, and we went to talk to some less active members there. We also took our lunch hour there, and we found this cool spot that's right above this super old amphitheatre and had our sandwiches there. After being in Orange, we returned to Avignon and visited our ami Didier. Didier is a co-owner at a guitar shop called Guitar Brothers. We played guitar a little bit with him and some of the workers, then had the chance to introduce The Book of Mormon to two of them!

Last Thursday, our district leaders came to Avignon and did some splits with us, so I went with Elder Cueva for the day! Elder Cueva is from Spain and he speaks like 5 languages. We had a pretty sweet day and met some great people! Then for the evening we went to Soeur Protano's for dinner. We eat there every week, but it was my first time going. We had this super good Italian soup, and then for dessert she made this bread things that were similar to funnel cakes. they were super good!

Friday we did some weekly planning, contacting and also taught an English class that night. And Elder Olivier gave me a haircut haha I was a little scared but it turned out well :)

Saturday we met Amine at the church and played some ping pong with him and then after we talked to him more about the Book of Mormon. Its pretty upsetting because Amine is leaving today to Vietnam for an internship for 8 months!  He is super cool, but we told him that we could let him know where church is over there! Saturday night we met up with a couple members and like 7 non members, and we went bowling. It was fun because we got to bowl with them and also to talk to them a bit about why we're here and what we do!

Sunday, we had church, they called me up (after being here for 3 weeks haha) to present me and i bore my testimony! Our goal this Sunday was to find 3 members/families that we can come over to their house this week and do service and give a lesson, and we got it!

Everything is still going well over here, and the food is still better haha I love you all! 

Bonne Semaine!

note from the editor (mom):  Jake would never even try soup at home other than tomato basil.  He is a really picky eater.  So him trying all these new foods is a miracle in of itself.  haha

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