Monday, June 29, 2015

Busy Week, Lots of Exchanges & Birthday Week!


This week was pretty cool. It was super busy with lots of exchanges.

Last Monday, after emailing we drove to Toulouse to go do some
shopping with the ZLs. We did some shopping. I didn't buy anything.
But I'll buy some stuff today for my birthday!
After doing some stuff for Pday in Toulouse, we started our exchange.
Elder Sorenson and I went to Albi, while Elder Johnson stayed with
Elder Duckworth in Toulouse.

For those that don't know, Elder Sorenson graduated from Alta in 2012.
We know a lot of the same people so that's awesome. I don't think we ever
knew each other in high school. So Tuesday we had our
exchange; we did some contacting and passed this member. After we were
supposed to have a rdv with our ami, Bridgitte, but she was sick.
She's been going through a lot of opposition lately. We felt bad and
wanted to help, but there wasn't much we could do. So we decided just
to drop some cookies off to her and pray with her. So we did! And she
seemed to enjoy that. After, Elder Sorenson and I took a quick picture
or two on the side of the road. And with cows. 

And then we drove back to Toulouse to switch back!

Wednesday Elder Johnson and I met with some members. We went to Eda's
house with Frere Millet. We taught her the plan of salvation. She really
likes the plan of salvation. She has lost some members in her family,
and she was saying she wants to do everything she can to get them to
the Celestial kingdom! She really wants to go to the temple, so that's
cool! That night we had dinner with the Allal family. They're a super
cool family here in Albi; we played uno. They're super nice!

Thursday we drove to Toulouse to do splits with the DL. Elder Einerson
and I came back to Albi. Elder Einerson is from Blanding, Utah! We had
a lunch meeting with Eda. We took Frere millet with us. It was super
good! She gave us imitation alcohol. It's like some alcoholic drink,
just without alcohol! Haha so don't worry mom, the bottle in the
picture isn't alcohol :)

Friday we drove to Toulouse again to switch back, Toulouse is like the
central point for our zone so it's easier that way. So that makes 4
times that I drove to Toulouse this week. Haha it's so much! But
having the car is nice. We'll probably drive to Toulouse again this
Friday; Elder Duckworths bday is the 2nd and mine is the 3rd, so we're
going to do a splits in Toulouse then go eat at a nice French
restaurant. It'll be fun!

But Friday we were in a place called Castres; it's a ville almost the
same size of Albi. They used to have a branch there but then it got
moved to Albi. We visited a lot of members that can't get to church
because it's too far. It went really well though!

Saturday we went to Rodez; there are two elders in rodez, but it's the
Albi branch. They live about 1 hour away from Albi. But we went there
and had dinner with the new branch president and his family!

But it's been a super sick week. Tomorrows high of temperature is like
42C degrees. That's somewhere around 108F. Oh la. That'll be hot. But
it's alright! My mission is great! My companion is great. My ville is
great!. I couldn't ask for a better mission! President Brown starts on Wednesday.

 Big change! But it'll be great. And dope.

God lives and loves you. I love you too. :)

Have a good week!

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